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McGregor Retires?

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So weeks after agreeing to try and get his win back against Nate Diaz at UFC 200... Conor McGregor out of no where announces  his retirement... tweeting, "I Have Decided to Retire Young"  so obviously he's tucking his tail between his legs and running from the fight, and he's a coward right?

Well not so fast, because UFC President Dana White went on Sportscenter, saying that McGregor was removed from the scheduled fight due to McGregor being unwilling to fly to Las Vegas to participate in mandatory promotional activities. Which basically was to just film the commercial and get all the marketing details done, which is very similar to what went down with Nick Diaz (Nate Diaz's brother) several years ago, where Nick skipped some 'mandatory' things, got removed from an event, and then was later added back. And white was sure to say that McGregor was in Iceland training. So that could be the entire situation right? McGregor is so focused on training to get his 'win' back that he sees doing the press and media as being non-important. Or more realistically he was training to  put up a valiant effort until Nate Diaz laid him out in the 3rd round.

Again not so fast... see there is a third factor, apparently McGregor went to a fight where one of the  competitors died after suffering some injuries... and so this has probably spooked McGregor. After all, seeing someone get hurt and later die has a way putting things into perspective...It wouldn't surprise me if McGregor was very much rattled, and so an impulsive decision about retiring out of fear of one's mortality could be the card in play.

Because if you're going into combat, the last thing you want in your mind is 'fear', because it takes your head out of the game... particularly when knowing the guy you're going to face already soundly defeated you once.

However, since he can't be forced to fight,  I won't be surprised of Dana White loosens the purse strings to offer a huge incentive to get McGregor to fight.

But what do you all think? What's your take on McGregor's retirement, White's comments and the know facts? Leave 'em in the comments section below!

Lets Play Star Trek Online - Takedown

Hello and welcome to the Basement... and Lets Play Star Trek Online...

The time has come to end the Vaadwaur threat to the Delta Quadrant, and everyone is meeting at the Jenolan Dyson Sphere to plan the final assault... and of course Admiral Sobar is the battle commander for this mission (because the player character is the most competent commander of them all!)

It's time to put an end to this...

This mission is broken into a few parts, the first portion of the mission is all space combat, in terms of coordinating which allies will assist in certain parts Basically the order to select them in are Kazon, Hazari, Cooperative and finally Hierarchy, it basically keeps everyone on even keel and prevents Kim, Neelix, Seven and The Doctor from panicking if there are too many deaths.

 But if you want a break down of things, the reason why you want to select the Kazon first is that that a) they are two wild to fight in formation, b) it ties in with Seska and the early days of Voyager and c) the Kazon who have some honor will help out in the one of the later waves.

Eldax has arrived!
Why the Hazari second? Simple, their reinforced shields are too tough for the Vaadwaur's weapons.The Cooperative is third since they can force the larger Vaadwaur ships to fire on their smaller vessels,And lastly the Hierarchy fourth because they can predict and overwhelm the Vaddwaur's ambush attempts. It's all really basic actually.

Their is a fifth stage to the space combat in that you'll face Gaul's remaining forces in basically a cakewalk, sine Eldax shows up with his forces. Actually because you have allied ships, all of the space combat is a breeze,so it's just a mater of playing things smart, and staying focus, cause it is easy easy to get overwhelmed.

Gaul's last stand...
From there, it's down to the planet, and marching through Gaul's ground forces to an epic confrontation... and a surprise twist... that he was never infected by a parasite... he was that flipping insane. But that's not all... the mission ends with the discovery of an unknown device...

Which means out time in the Delta Quadrant still isn't over...

The RAW View - April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

And welcome to... well I'll guess I'll call this the RAW-View?

Basically, this will be just another me, as one of the many wrestling smarks going over Monday Night RAW, not a total recap of things, but what I liked and didn't liked.

Show opening with a talk show segment, Dean Ambrose's Aslyum, with guest Shane McMahon. Jacques and Pierre, excsues me Kevin Owens and Sami Zayne make their way to the ring followed by Jericho, and things ended up turning into a little scuffle to set up matches, Jericho vs Sami (which Jericho won) and Owens vs Ambrose (which Ambrose won) for the night and matches with Jericho vs Ambrose and Owens vs Sami at Payback It's the usual formula, because we can't open RAW with a match anymore, we have to have a 'talking segment'. The only other thing of note was that Jericho attacked Ambrose after his match, which was the main event and that the crowd lost interest in the match to the point they chanted JBL (I know what I heard)

The Tag Team tournament advanced with Enzo & Cassidy and the Vaudevillians  advancing to the finales, defeating the Dudleys and the Usos. These were fine results, as I suspect that the Dudleys will cost Enzo & Cassidy the finals which will lead to the heel team  of the Vaudevillians to face off against the New Day for the titles while the feud with Enzo & Cass against the Dudleys will carry on to Extreme Rules.

Natalya having Bret Hart in her corner when she faces Charlotte at Payback for the Women's title is smart as it should prevent Ric Flair from interfering. Though one of these days, I want to see Nattie's father, Jim The Anvil Neidhart, second her to the ring. The 8-Divas tag match was a great way of getting Becky and Paige on the show in the UK.

Apollo Crews had another nice 3rd hour match, and this one had a little story going into it with the Social Outcasts looking to recruit him, and if Heath won, Apollo would join. This was done primarily in reference to Adam Rose being suspended for a wellness violation. So I'm assuming Rose was kicked out of the group, that wasn't made clear.

Roman Reigns and AJ Styles had a face to face that saw Festus and Mr. Anderson attack Roman a  week after they took out the Usos.  Obviously these two guys were associate with Styles in Japan with the Washington Bullet Club, and because of that groups popularity, whatever they do is going to be getting baby face reactions when they are supposed to villains. So what's obvious here is that Festus and Karl should turn on AJ and side with Roman to build his empire and turn Roman heel, since unlike John Cena, Roman can't get the crowd on his side., so taking AJ's friends as his own would but should add some heat to this title reign.


Read that the Harris Boys are involved with a group of investors that have been keeping TNA a float, but also read that Dixie Carter wants to continue to run that company into the ground using other peoples money. One of these surprise me... and here's a hint, it isn't the stupidity of Ms. Carter...

The Bella Twins getting a spin-off from Total Divas was probably a long time coming, but the  question is that are they, John Cena and Daniel Bryan going to be under the same roof? I also question the return of Naomi to the Total Divas cast, since every single one of her story lines in previous seasons with the exception of her wedding were more boring than watching paint dry, but the additions of Renee Young, Maryse and Lana should be interesting since with them probably come Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Rusev.

And that wraps this first installment of the RAW-View... do you have your opinions on tonight's RAW? Share them in the comments section below! Be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow my on twitter @FredCasden

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