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WWE Hall Of Fame - Yay Or Nay - Tommy Dreamer

How many ECW fans am I going to tick off with this I wonder?
Hello and Welcome to the Basement and welcome to WWE Hall of Fame... Yay or Nay...

The promotion known as Extreme Championship Wrestling was at one point in the time the most talked about wrestling organization in North America... and this this week's subject... is considering to the Heart and Soul of that promotion during it's original run, I am of course talking about The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer...

Debuting in 1989, and working primarily in the North East region of the United State until catching on with ECW in 1993. Until 2001, he was the mainstay of the company, being one of the few who never left the promotion until the doors closed,  he would later join the WWE where in addition to performing in the ring he would have a number of behind the scenes roles. Currently he is the owner and promoter of House of Hardcore, which has been in operation sine 2012.

The Case For Tommy Dreamer: During his time in ECW, Dreamer would have a memorable multi-year long story-line rivalry with Raven, that involved everything from stealing girlfriends, fat guys in daisy duke shorts, stop signs, betrayal, revenge... and everything else you could think of. His rivalry with the Sandman, which put Dreamer on the map, was also memorable for his 'never say die', 'never quit', 'take it like a man' persona, in particular when he was canned 10+ times following a loss. His time in the WWE saw him become a 'force' in the wailing Hardcore Division and was a cornerstone of the revived ECW brand, while also being a driving force behind the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-views. While his championship resume is thin, he does have a  major accolade include the only person to hold both version of the ECW Championship (under the original company and its revived counterpart). The fact that he has made an impact beyond the ring, working in the front office for the WWE and starting his own promotion shows Dreamer's love for the business, and has willingly put his body on the line to help get guys over.

The Case against Tommy Dreamer: Because of his heavy connection with ECW, it labeled him as  being little more than a garbage wrestler in some circles, while no means a technical master, Dreamer's career post-ECW career can often be considered to be little more than a 'nostalgia trip', and the fact that he has been apart of ECW reunion based shows and story-lines, doesn't really help, in fact it furthers the case of 'not being able to get beyond' one point in his career, giving the 'always looking back vibe' that to various degrees have hampered the careers of other wrestlers.

The Verdict: Dreamer is what he is, he's a corner stone of the original ECW, and that is where his career will be forever linked too. Because of that and the WWE's tendency to try and put in folks into Hall of Fame who fit the 'theme' of certain territories (For Example: The Freebirds being inducted this year in Dallas), Dreamer seems like a perfect fit for the next time the WWE holds a WrestleMania in the North East.

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Next week on WWE Hall of Fame Yay Or Nay... I'll be going over the case of the The Rebel Dick Slater. Till next time everyone!

Unboxing and Review - Harley Quinn - Pop Heroes #34

Hello and Welcome to the Basement

One of my favorite channels Wildvine X, who does unboxing and reviews of various collectibles, including the Funko Pop figures of which you know I have two. And since Wildvine X did the an unboxing for the Fourth Doctor (#222), I figure I'd do one that she hasn't gotten to this one yet... so today we'll be looking at Harley Quinn (#34)

This Harley is from the Pop Heroes line, #34... and come in a nicely cube box which is great for storing, displaying and protecting the figure. On the back, we see some of the others out ther such as Superboy, Batman Beyond, Darkseid, Nightwing and Harley Quinn with a Mallet. Also like on the sides and top of the box, it's like the Harley figures is peeking out at you, but that's the standard artwork for most Funko Pop figures.

Now on the front of the box, this has two labels on it, one is Glow in the Dark, because this figure absorbs light to glow in the dark... and also is labeled with the 'PX Preview Exclusive'. What that means, from what I was able to find out, is that PX Pops are ones that go to comic book shops first as 'exclusive pee-releases' before getting a wider spread release depending on how rare they want a run of figures to be to control the re-sellers market.

Anyway lets open her up shall we?

Another great thing about the packaging, is that the plastic inside slides in and out of the box, so, you can keep everything together nice and neat.

So here's Harley, with her classic black and red attire, domino mask similar to how she appeared in
Batman The Animated Series. She's sporting a holding a little cork-pop gun. Some of the detailing on her is that she does have diamond on her both her sleeves and tights (red on black, black on red) giving it a nice little touch. No joint movement, but you can turn her head in a full 360 degree circle.

If there is one thing may seem odd about the figure it's underneath the head where the paint for her headpiece seems to stop around the circle for where the head connects to her neck, instead of continuing to the neck. But when she standing freely, it's not noticeable unless you're doing one of these reviews.

Now as far as the glow in the dark feature goes... it does work, it gives on a decent glow depending on the amount of light it absorbs... but I haven't left her out under a lamp or anything for hours to let her 'power up', but it's still a decent glow.

Since this figure was released in 2013, it should be pretty easy to find, as I do see it listed on, so it would be a nice fit for anyone's collection, in my opinion.

Also be sure to check out Wildvine X's YouTube Channel by clicking HERE

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