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WWE Hall Of Fame - Yay Or Nay - Tommy Dreamer

Hello and Welcome to the Basement and welcome to WWE Hall of Fame... Yay or Nay...

The promotion known as Extreme Championship Wrestling was at one point in the time the most talked about wrestling organization in North America... and this this week's subject... is considering to the Heart and Soul of that promotion during it's original run, I am of course talking about The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer...

Debuting in 1989, and working primarily in the North East region of the United State until catching on with ECW in 1993. Until 2001, he was the mainstay of the company, being one of the few who never left the promotion until the doors closed,  he would later join the WWE where in addition to performing in the ring he would have a number of behind the scenes roles. Currently he is the owner and promoter of House of Hardcore, which has been in operation sine 2012.

The Case For Tommy Dreamer: During his time in ECW, Dreamer would have a memorable multi-year long story-lin…

Unboxing and Review - Harley Quinn - Pop Heroes #34

Hello and Welcome to the Basement

One of my favorite channels Wildvine X, who does unboxing and reviews of various collectibles, including the Funko Pop figures of which you know I have two. And since Wildvine X did the an unboxing for the Fourth Doctor (#222), I figure I'd do one that she hasn't gotten to this one yet... so today we'll be looking at Harley Quinn (#34)

This Harley is from the Pop Heroes line, #34... and come in a nicely cube box which is great for storing, displaying and protecting the figure. On the back, we see some of the others out ther such as Superboy, Batman Beyond, Darkseid, Nightwing and Harley Quinn with a Mallet. Also like on the sides and top of the box, it's like the Harley figures is peeking out at you, but that's the standard artwork for most Funko Pop figures.

Now on the front of the box, this has two labels on it, one is Glow in the Dark, because this figure absorbs light to glow in the dark... and also is labeled with the 'PX …