Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Daria - Nostalgia Trip

Yeah this one made me feel old...


Hello and Welcome to the Basement and it's time for our Nostalgia Trip...

As a kid, I can say, there were certain types of people... those who got Beavis and Butt-Head and those who didn't.... but yet both groups can say they got 'Daria', the spin-off the ruled MTV in the late 90s.

As stated Daria was a spin-off from Beavis and Butt-Head, and it focused on the life of High-Schooler Daria  Morgendorffer, her family and the rather odd group of people that make up the city of Lawndale. What lead to the spin-off as far as I can tell was that the character of Daria caught on with audiences and it lead MTV to create the spin-off, which Beavis and Butt Head creator Mike Judge had little to nothing to do with it.

Premiering in 1997 and running until 2002, Daria was without question a show that came along at just the right time, as a lot of folks my age were in High School, so this was something in various types of teenagers could relate too, and it lead to it being one of MTV's greatest shows.

But timing wasn't all the show had, it had some create writing behind it and certainly put a spin on the stereotypical ideology of High School life, that school pride isn't the end all be all, that it was okay to be the odd ball because who knows, maybe you're the normal one and everyone else flipping nuts. And when you consider the likes of Kevin, Brittany, Mr DeMartino, UpChuck, Quinn and the Fashion Club, Daria's parents.... well yes, Daria and Jane were the only sane people on the show!

Now if I have to name a few favorite episodes... one would have to be Arts N Crass from season two, where Daria and Jane's poster about a teenage girl being bulimic sees it tampered with by Principal Ms Li and Mr. O'Neil who wanted a more 'positive' message, which showed how out of touch those in power can be. Then there was See Jane Run, which sees Jane becoming a star track runner and how that puts a strain on her and Daria's friendship. Sure these seem like standard 'plots' for a sitcom, but the tone the show had was a bit more on the dry, cynical and sarcastic side which makes things go in a direction that wouldn't traditional be considered.

Now as you saw in the thumbnail for this video, yes I even still have my copies of the Daria Database and the Daria Diaries that were released in 1998. I don't think there wasn't anyone in my High School that didn't have these books... and I can tell you these were great to expand on the 'Daria Universe'

Anyway could a show like this be done now with how Disney and Nickelodeon have put a 'standard' on what a show with teenagers should be like? I don't think so, and that's what makes Daria so great, it came along at just the right time and everything fell into place perfectly for it to be one the greatest shows I've ever seen.

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