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Star Trek Online - The Temporal Front Reactions / Final Lets Play Star Trek Online

So I was going to include a game play video with this, but someone claimed the video was inappropriate... so what we have here is my blog on the matter... I'll still talk about Star Trek Online, may include clips and such... but the full blown 'Lets Play' deal is probably going the way of the live stream, because I'm not going to deal with the 'appeal process'. To say this is rather frustrating is an understatement.

EDIT: I did a live stream on Twitch... so one way or another this blog was going to be complete!

The data from the future that we've provided to command has made it clear -- there needs to be a stronger alliance between all of the galactic factions... to that end delegates from The Federations, Klingons, Romulans and other are meeting on New Romulus  for the first Alliance Summit...

Yeah that's how the mission, 'The Temporal Front' starts... and it's fun mission from start to finish, we get to meet the Federation President... we …

WWE Hall Of Fame Yay Or Nay - Sable

Note: Because I happen to have recently re-read Vince Russo's book Forgiven recently, I was reminded of a couple of factors that play a factor in my point of view

Hello and Welcome to the Basement... and welcome to WWE Hall of Fame - Yay Or Nay?

As stated, the goal here is to take various pro wrestling performers and to see if they should be inducted into the WWE at some point... last week's subject was Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman (you can read my opinions on him here:

Now for week two... well, is Sable's career  ready for the grind I'm going to put it through?

Back in 1998-99, there was arguably no one hotter with doing so LITTLE in the world of Pro-wrestling than Sable, the ex-wife of Marc Mero and current wife of the Vanilla Gorilla Brock Lesnar...

Debuting at WrestleMania in 1996 at WrestleMania 12 escorting Triple H to the ring only to then become alig…