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Camden Comic Con - What an Epic Good Time!

On a day where it there was miserable weather with gray skies, snow, rain... there was a bright spot...

The 3rd Camden Comic Con held at Rutgers University in downtown Camden, New Jersey, my home town was a big ray of sunshine on this bleak and dreary day. From before the doors opened until the the time I left (about 4:30 PM),
there wasn't anything I didn't enjoy.

Let me first start by giving kudos to the event organizers: they did a bang up job in helping people find there way, helping with the workshops and presented a fun easy going atmosphere. The only criticism is that there should have been a few more signs to indicate where to go for people walking from the Walter Rand Transportation Center, as various GPS devices and Google Maps were directing people to the far side of 'campus'. This is a minor nit pick, but since I experienced it myself and a number of folks who drove in said they had the same issue, figured it's worth  mentioning.

Anyway, I got there about …