Saturday, April 9, 2016

Camden Comic Con - What an Epic Good Time!

Recapping A Big Full Day At Camden Comic Con

On a day where it there was miserable weather with gray skies, snow, rain... there was a bright spot...

The 3rd Camden Comic Con held at Rutgers University in downtown Camden, New Jersey, my home town was a big ray of sunshine on this bleak and dreary day. From before the doors opened until the the time I left (about 4:30 PM),
there wasn't anything I didn't enjoy.

Let me first start by giving kudos to the event organizers: they did a bang up job in helping people find there way, helping with the workshops and presented a fun easy going atmosphere. The only criticism is that there should have been a few more signs to indicate where to go for people walking from the Walter Rand Transportation Center, as various GPS devices and Google Maps were directing people to the far side of 'campus'. This is a minor nit pick, but since I experienced it myself and a number of folks who drove in said they had the same issue, figured it's worth  mentioning.

Anyway, I got there about 15 minutes before the event started, and they handed out grab-bags of comics to those in line, and I know a number of folks lucked out with DC Star Trek comics, one guy got the adaption of Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. I got Marvel's Nomad #1, DC's Hardwire #6, Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure from Dynamite Comics and Marvel's Tek World #4.

Also big shout out to Alex Miller ( who had my copy of the event poster on hand and refunded the shipping difference. Also picked up his set of 'DC Queens': Poison Ivy, Harley, Quinn, Supergirl & Batgirl, done in as Queens seen in playing card decks.

Myself with Diana Leto, love that hat!
So let's get the break down, the vendors section were all at the the rather spacious Athletic and Fitness Center... and I call it spacious because this was set up perfectly, every vendor had plenty of room for their items for sale, there was enough space for the large crowd to walk around easily, as well as to get pictures with various cos-players or comic book icons. Prices for various things were really reasonable, as I came away with quite a haul of goodies that you'll see in the video log version.

Also all the vendors, some of whom were illustrators who worked at Marvel, DC, Valiant and more, were very personable and great to chat too.For example had a nice long chat with Michael Leek and Bob McLeod about the 'Editorial Mandate' issue, as in the control of the story, first and foremost: the editor gives the assignments and has to approve of everything, the writer has the most communication with the editor in terms of figuring out a creative direction, but it's the editor who gets final say. There is a bit of politics involved, as who has the more clout can play a factor into things. On a side note: The writer works on occasion with the illustrator / penciler to make sure things looks right for anything they are concern about. If things aren't working right, a change in the illustrator sometimes occurs.

Attended two workshops held at the Fine Arts Center, was going to try for three but two were taking place at the same time. The first was 'Intuitive Comic Making' hosted by Christine Larsen, basically covering word association, working on a 'Jam' comic, where everyone got to contribute a single panel while getting guidance on creating a single page comic. The comic I ended up doing was more of a 'detective noir' in style... and not because I was sporting my familiar fedora and a brown trench coat! Needless to say I really let my art skills deteriorate over the years

The second workshop, 'Drawing My Little Pony' was hosted by Diana Leto. First off Ms. Leto has a great choice in hats, secondly, she really broke down the basics on how to draw Pinkie Pie in a fun manner.Ms. Leto was very fun and engaging, but chatting with her on the vendor floor and very thorough with her workshops

Although my version of Pinkie ended up looking more like Derpy... thus I dub her... DERPY PIE! The C I S method Ms Leto was teaching certainly works, problem is my depth perception is so way off the mark it was in another state!.

So yet it was a wonderful day... meet a lot of great folks and I'm looking forward to next year. Below is a list of folks who were in attendance today as vendors, a number of whom do commission artwork pieces, so be sure to check 'em out!

Diana Leto -
Alex Miller -
Mike Leeke -
Fernando Jimenez -
ON Q Comics -
N.M. Lombardi -
Bob McLeod -
Poison & Antidote -
Amanda Smith -
Dan Cattell -
On The Square Comics / Jay Taylor -
Andrew Davis -
The Bookends Review -
Criss Madd -
Tom Schloendorn -
Ellen Stedfeld -
Gray Haven Comics -
The Philadelphia Anime & Gaming Society -
Yume-Hime -
Webcomicry -
Marie Gilbert -
Tony Townsend / Townsend Art -
Ryan M. Brady -
Christine Larsen -
Mike Capprotti -
Black Slither Games -
Chuck Dillon -
James Mascia -
Kaitlin A. Traver -
John Still / Synergy Comics -
Stormwatch Comics - 449 NJ-73, West Berlin, NJ 08091
Moonphire Design / Elayna Turner -
Jen Tracy -
Geekboypress -
CJ Illustration Studio -
Kelly Phillips -
Philip McNulty -

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