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This Week With The Superheroes - April 8, 2016

Arrows and Rouges Oh My!


Hello and Welcome to the Basement and this week with the Superheroes...

Tomorrow is Camden Comic Con and I'm thrilled... but that's tomorrow, this is today, and we got a week of stuff to go over, so lets do the NEWS!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice took a 70% drop in its box office gross, and Warner Brothers in desperation mode, has moved Wonder Woman June 23, 2017 scheduled release date to June 2, 2017, apparently the first available weekend without any serious competition, plus there are re-shoots for the Suicide Squad being done to inject some humanity into it.  The lesson here is that Warner Brothers and those involve with the DC Films Universe got a shock between the poor reviews and rapid diminished returns, proving that 'dark and depressing' isn't the way to go.

 Steven Moffat that this to say regarding the Doctor Who spin-off called 'Class', '“Class is dark and sexy and right now. I’ve always wondered if there could be a British Buffy – it’s taken the brilliant Patrick Ness to figure out how to make it happen." To which I have to say this...we've already seen that, if I recall ITV's Demons was basically a Buffy rip-off, and Doctor Who's first four season under Russel T Davies ran the Buffy play-book to rather depressing results.

Anyway, Freeform, the re-braned version of ABC Family has a couple of shows in development, one being 'Marvel's Cloak and Dagger' and the other being a remake of the Brit series 'Misfits'... I've sen Misfits and while it had a cool vibe, I think it's going to get water in a bad way.... and 'Cloak and Dagger', it's been a long time since I read anything with those characters, but I won't be surprised they play these characters as total opposites who fall in love with each other...

And of course the teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rouge One dropped- certainly sets up the plot for the film to give viewers an idea of what they will be seeing  and it gives a strong action lead to a woman, so that's good... but then I saw the Walkers... those Camel looking things from Empire Strikes Back... and laughed by butt off with how fake they looked. Still unlike the trailers for The Force Awakens, this actually looks like its worth seeing in theaters.

Anyway, lets' get to this week's TV Shows... and it's a short list of shows... actually only three new shows this week as Gotham, Supergirl and The Flash were all on hiatus for some strange reason

Agents of SHIELD - Spacetime
Plot: The S.H.I.E.L.D. team tries to prove that fate is not fixed after Daisy is horrified by a glimpse of the future.
Rating: 3 out of 5... I actually watched this episode twice... and this was a confusing yet a entertaining episode... episodes with visions of the furture normally are...  is things set in stone or can things be changed...we got Daisy kicking all shorts of butt, and the team knows Ward's body is on Earth, and that he's ready to start putting his plans into motion.

Arrow - Eleven-Fifty-Nine
Plot: Oliver and Diggle find out Merlyn wants to break Darhk out of prison; Laurel gets a surprising offer; Felicity has a talk with Curtis.
Rating: 5 out of 5.... well wasn't expecting that... and I'm okay with the Death of Black Canary... because as we've already seen, resurrection is not uncommon when it comes to the Arrow-verse. Diggle's brother Andy being a double-agent and Darhk now knowing who Oliver is does just continue the trend of the big bads knowing how the Arrow and his crew are towards the end of the season... that aside, everything was really well done

Legends of Tomorrow: Progeny 
Plot: The team is split on whether to kill a 14-year-old boy who is destined to grow into an evil dictator; Sara helps Snart through a difficult time; Ray learns something consequential to his future with Kendra.
Rating: 4 out of 5... this was the 'would you kill Hitler' trope of Time Travel stories, and it's always an interesting take and was done real well here, Ray coming to terms that he's a father and didn't know it only to realize that it was his brother who had a kid that perverted his tech, plus the romance he and Kendra are having is really working. Rory and Snart slugging it out, and Rory realizing things could be a lot worse considering what he knows was handled well.. The thing I didn't care for was Young Per Degaton, I know with kid actors it's either hit or more often than not miss... and the kid playing the part was such a horrible distraction.

Well that will do it for this week... catch ya next time!

Review: Andrew Dice Clay on The Tonight Show

Review & Reaction: Okay... shock of all shocks... I'm one of those who have not exactly paid much attention to the Tonight Show following the b.s. with Conan and Jay several years ago, however I am a fan of Andrew Dice Clay...  so I did the smart thing... I waited for the video of his set to be posted on YouTube to watch it.

The opening teaser about the 'campaign' being so vile and over the top and turning it on its head to talk about Batman versus Superman is something I'm surprised we haven't seen a whole lot of. But of course, it's the deconstruction of Batman just being a guy with a costume, a utility belt and a suped-up car versus the fact that Superman is a super-man was genius.

The second major bit is referencing that he was on the Apprentice with Donald Trump and saying that 'Donnie' asked him to be vice-president and using that to set up a routine about how he's gotten older. It's a strange transition piece, but its topical and works rather well because it builds up to his closer about getting a life alert button.

The strength of his set is that he still has that 'no apologies' approach to Stand-Up which has worked very for, and at times against him, and it's clear the crowd doesn't really 'get it', which Dice acknowledges and kills off the 'courtesy applause' by saying he doesn't need it. 

Granted, I'm speaking from a fans point of view, but since I get his approach to comedy, I thought he was as good as he ever was.

Tales From The TARDIS - Rider From Shang-Tu

Another episode of Marco Polo and another cunning plan from Tegana!
A day earlier than usual since Saturday I'll be attending Camden Comic Con... we're going over part Five of the Doctor Who Serial 'Marco Polo' with the Rider From Shang-Tu


Hello and welcome to the Basement and Tales From The TARDIS...

We are covering part five of 'Marco Polo' with the 'Rider From Shang-Tu' and if I'm right, title is a reference to the capital of Kublai Khan's Yun Dynasty in China... or it's Xanadu... one or the other.

Anyway, the episode opens with Ian unwilling to leave Polo to fate intended for him by Tegana after discovering the dead guard, so he alerts Polo of the upcoming danger. Our science teacher comes up with a way to deal with the bandits, using bamboo into a fire to cause loud exploding noises...and thus the Chinese Firecracker was born! But to make things even more interesting, when they are attacked, Tegana kills Acomat when it seems like he's going to tell the truth. Hmmmm Tegana a man of honor he is.

Anyway once the bandits are dealt with. Marco allows Susan and Ping-Cho to hang out again, and Ian, The Doctor and Barbara are free to move about without suspicion. Wonder how many stories of Doctor Who over the years have used the 'Doctor and Companions are locked up unfairly until they do something that earns their freedom for the rest of the story' plot has been used

The story continues with the Doctor and company figuring out that Tegana has been the source of all their troubles they have been dealing with, but Macro Polo despite seeing reason at times is incredibly tense to how much of a threat Tegana is. Actually calling Marco incredibly oblivious to Tegana is more accurate 

Anyway, a new traveller arrives named Ling-Tau, he has come from Shang-Tu, which is over 300 miles away from the groups current location in just 24 hours on horseback. He brings message: for Marco to SPEED THE HELL UP! Guess the plot was moving too slowly... so Marco declaires that once they reach their next destination of Cheng-Ting, everyone will travel on horseback while the TARDIS and everything else will be brought later. So let me stress this, the TARDIS is being left behind!

Oh and guess what, Tegana has yet another cunning plan, he meets up with another ally named Kuiju and bribes him to steal the TARDIS and to take it to Karakorum where the troops of Noghai is getting together.

However all is not loss, Ping-Cho knows where the two TARDIS Keys are being held by Marco and gives one to Susan to help her and the other escape. The episode ends with the Doctor and company sneaking to return to the TARDIS, but Susan goes off to say good-by to Ping-Cho... but when she arrives to enter the TARDIS, she grabbed by Tegana and lets out an epic scream! AHHHH...

Have I mentioned that I love the way Carol Ann Ford screamed? Best damn screamer in all of Doctor Who in my opinion...

Anyway, what to make of this episode... well it certainly gets things moving, cause the rider coming along and basically telling the caravan to get a move on could also be interpreted as the PLOT being told to speed. up

Also want to go over Susan wanting to say good-bye to Ping-Cho, it may seem a bit 'dumb' as it clearly sets up for her to be captured, but she is the type of character that would want to say farewell to her friend, and since and Ping-Cho had a lot of time together, it's reasonable. What's not reason is how hilarious Tegana and his Black Adder-esq cunning plans. Dude comes up with plans on a dime.

So that wraps up this weeks Tale from the TARDIS, next week is part 6 of the story, with Mighty Kublai Khan!

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