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This Week With The Superheroes - April 8, 2016

Hello and Welcome to the Basement and this week with the Superheroes...

Tomorrow is Camden Comic Con and I'm thrilled... but that's tomorrow, this is today, and we got a week of stuff to go over, so lets do the NEWS!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice took a 70% drop in its box office gross, and Warner Brothers in desperation mode, has moved Wonder Woman June 23, 2017 scheduled release date to June 2, 2017, apparently the first available weekend without any serious competition, plus there are re-shoots for the Suicide Squad being done to inject some humanity into it.  The lesson here is that Warner Brothers and those involve with the DC Films Universe got a shock between the poor reviews and rapid diminished returns, proving that 'dark and depressing' isn't the way to go.

 Steven Moffat that this to say regarding the Doctor Who spin-off called 'Class', '“Class is dark and sexy and right now. I’ve always wondered if there could be …

Review: Andrew Dice Clay on The Tonight Show

Review & Reaction: Okay... shock of all shocks... I'm one of those who have not exactly paid much attention to the Tonight Show following the b.s. with Conan and Jay several years ago, however I am a fan of Andrew Dice Clay...  so I did the smart thing... I waited for the video of his set to be posted on YouTube to watch it.
The opening teaser about the 'campaign' being so vile and over the top and turning it on its head to talk about Batman versus Superman is something I'm surprised we haven't seen a whole lot of. But of course, it's the deconstruction of Batman just being a guy with a costume, a utility belt and a suped-up car versus the fact that Superman is a super-man was genius.
The second major bit is referencing that he was on the Apprentice with Donald Trump and saying that 'Donnie' asked him to be vice-president and using that to set up a routine about how he's gotten older. It's a strange transition piece, but its topical and wor…

Tales From The TARDIS - Rider From Shang-Tu

A day earlier than usual since Saturday I'll be attending Camden Comic Con... we're going over part Five of the Doctor Who Serial 'Marco Polo' with the Rider From Shang-Tu

Hello and welcome to the Basement and Tales From The TARDIS...

We are covering part five of 'Marco Polo' with the 'Rider From Shang-Tu' and if I'm right, title is a reference to the capital of Kublai Khan's Yun Dynasty in China... or it's Xanadu... one or the other.

Anyway, the episode opens with Ian unwilling to leave Polo to fate intended for him by Tegana after discovering the dead guard, so he alerts Polo of the upcoming danger. Our science teacher comes up with a way to deal with the bandits, using bamboo into a fire to cause loud exploding noises...and thus the Chinese Firecracker was born! But to make things even more interesting, when they are attacked, Tegana kills Acomat when it seems like he's going to tell the truth. Hmmmm Tegana a ma…