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Just Wanna Say Thank You!

Just saw that I hit 40 subscribers for my pokey little YouTube channel... and so I wanted to say thank you!
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History Of The World Part 1 - Nostalgia Trip

I actually produced two versions of the vlog, one with a clip from the movie and one without... I elected to only post the one without the video clip because I'd hate to get smacked with a 'content ID' claim until the dust settles as far as 'The DMCA' goes. 

History Of The World Part 1

Hello and welcome to the Basement... and this week's Nostalgia Trip...

As a kid, my father didn't discourage me from watching a number of different kinds of moives that many parents of today would balk at showing their own kids... and it was because of this that one of my favorite movies is Mel Brooks' 'History Of The World Part 1'

What can I say about a film that sets a high bar for parody and what I personally regarded as one of the funniest films of all time...

Well... despite that.. the film was a great introduction to history... and it's approach to turning history on its ear for comedic effect was something I would see again years later with…