Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nate Diaz Is Right

In my opinion Nate Diaz is right when it comes to the reasons for facing Connor 
McGregor again at UFC 200... but not for the reasons you'd think.


Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

First up, happy birthday to my cousin Rachel, may you have wonderful day!

Now on to the subject at hand...

I shall admit I am not the biggest MMA fan in the world... hell I barely follow it at all really outside of local contests that air on every so often on local cable outlets here in the Del Val... but I am pro wrestling fan... and I know an angle and 50-50 booking, and other gimmicks associated with it when I see it.

You see last month, Nate Diaz beat the holy hell out of Connor McGregor , who has been getting nothing by praise for how valiantly he fought, and now a re-match has been booked for the UFC's 200th mega-event

And it's being done at the expense of Nate Diaz, whose box-office appeal is argueably not as strong at McGregor's and has nothing to gain from the rematch, since they fight normally in different weight classes. If he loses, it will 'validates' the clear opinion of Dana White and other officals at the UFC because and I'll quote Mr. Diaz again here, "They think it was an accident, and now they’re saying let’s get Nate back in there and take him out before he gets any bigger.’

However, McGregor has nothing to lose, if his last longer than he did in the first fight, or wins, he gets 'redemption'

To quote Nate Diaz again: ‘I’ve never lost a fight and not wanted to fight the guy 10 minutes later. The UFC is pumping him up again, saying he wants to redeem himself and giving him all the credit for it’.

Believe me, Diaz has every right not to be pleased, even though he did sign the deal for the rematch, because lets face it, it's going to to draw big money. But he has a lot to lose here, since the treatment he's been receiving from the UFC has been far too similar to story-lines seen in the WWE, with him not being the guy the promoter (in this case Dana White) does not want as his featured attraction... and again, the timing of McGregor getting a rematch so soon and the attention and praise he gets adds fuel to that fire. Hell, wrestling fans see this all the time, when there's a match, one guy wins on a pay-per-view but is booked into a 'rematch' the next night just to give the win back to the guy he beat to make sure a certain status quo is maintain.

Then again, this should no surprise anyone, just look at how Dana made sure Brock Lesnar got the Heavyweight Championship as soon as possible and spent months looking for a hand-picked opponent that CM Punk can 'beat' in his debut fight.

The UFC may be considered a 'sports league' but it relies on the tricks of pro wrestling a lot more than people think.

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