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WWE Hall of Fame Yay Or Nay - Sean Waltman

Hello and Welcome to the Basement... and welcome to WWE Hall of Fame - Yay Or Nay?

In this weekly series I'll be giving my thoughts and opinions on the case for, or even the case against certain folks going into the WWE's Hall of Fame. I also intend to focus more on men and women who have not been associated with the company as a full time participant in quite a long while.
As with the case with our first subject, Sean Waltman aka the 123 Kid, Syxx, X-Pac, and about a dozen other names.

Career Summary:
Debuting in 1989 at the age of 17, Waltman is one of the first notable 'independent' wrestlers to break through to the WWE following the collapse of the final territories, making his mark in particular in a series of matches with Jerry Lynn, with his career nearly ended in 1992 thanks to being on the receiving end of a high risk move being performed. He was advised to give up wrestling, but of course he didn't.

In 1993, he got his big break, earning a…

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Revolution

Hello and Welcome to the Basement...

First off, big congrats to the Villanova Wildcats in winning the NCAA 2016 Tournament in defeating North Carolina, who were my original pick.... but Villanova does represent my home region, so there is some pride here locally!

That said, let's get this week's mission, 'Revolution'....

Commander Eldex is ready to help, and he has a cunning plan, but he only wants to work with the player's characters... cause why not... the player's character is the most competent commander in the universe... he / she is all Ensign Munroe levels of awesome at this point (play to: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to get the reference). The mission begins in the Molinya system, and depending on if you went top to bottom when it came to 'Better with Friends', the journey to the start point will be very short.

This mission itself... is a bit... quick paced actually. First you need to get control of a Hirogen ship, it's a brief space bat…