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Batman Isn't For Kids? SINCE WHEN?! - Nostalgia Trip

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Basement...And this is our weekly Nostalgia Trip...

Let me first thank Lego Batman V Andrew (@Truly_Defective) for inspiring this

There is a issue among the more insane comic book fans out that out there that say, 'Batman was never meant for Kids'... to which I say the following...


In 1939, when Batman was created because Superhero were popular with the kids...  that is an out right FACT... and over the past 77 years... Batman has always been aimed at kids... from cartoons to toys to underwear to lunch boxes to coloring books to video games... the Caped Crusader has been apart of many children's childhoods. Hell the introduction of Robin less than a year later in 1940 was done with the SOLE PURPOSE of Batman appealing to kids.

Then came Frank Miller and the 'Dark Knight Returns'... now don't misunderstand me, among the large amounts of garbage Miller has wrote, The Dark Knight Returns is a entertaining elseworld…

Blue-Skying: Linkara At His Best

Hello and welcome to the Basement...

Let me admit right off the bat, that I never paid much much mind to the Blue Beetle prior to this month. I was aware of the character, but never thought much of him.That has obviously changed

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Linkara, aka Lewis Lovhaug, and what he does over at Atop The Fourth Wall. I've stated multiple times that it's his show is the reason why I got serious about my online presence. Is he the best content producer out there on the web... I don't think it matters, particular when for the past four weeks, he was doing a massive retrospective on the Blue Beetle, from the character's origin as Dan Garret  way back in 1939 with Fox Comics all the way up  Jamie Reyes with DC comics and the New 52... plus the Convergence event series from last year.

Normally Linkara does a MS3K style review of 'bad' comics on a weekly basis, but this was something different. Okay not that different, he did so…

Predictions: WrestleMania 32, NXT Take Over Dallas

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And since according to YouTube my second largest audience is in Germany... Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen in den Keller

With WrestleMania being this Sunday, live on the WWE Network and even on some traditional pay-per-view methods...I'd figured I'd give my thoughts and predictions on the matches

Roman Reigns defeats Triple H for the WWE Title... and I'm going to guess the WWE is going to try and salvage this by doing a double turn, Roman Reigns turning heel cause he doesn't have the ability to even get part of the crowd on his side. Triple H can look valiant in defeat while taking the ass kicking he deserves for being associated with Lemmy. And speaking of Triple H, here's a drinking game, go watch his promo from the March 28, 2016 episode of RAW, and take a shot each time he says obsessed or obsession

A Quebeccer will win the Ladder match, there's guys from Quebec in this match, and frankly,…