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Lets Play Star Trek Online - Better With Friends

Welcome back to 'Lets Play Star Trek Onlin'... we are continuing our adventures in the Delta Quadrant with 'Better With Friends'...

As you saw last week, the best chance we have at defeating the Vaadwaur is the build an alliance of all the Delta Quadrant species that doesn't want Captain Janeway's head on a pike, but some need extra convincing... after all, war is much better with friends than enemies right?

This is of course a 5-part system patrol bundle, to introduce new daily grind missions. The good news is that these are fairly quick missions, with one large exception It's probably best to be at the very top of the Delta Quadrant sector map or at the very bottom since 3 of the missions are at the very top of the map, Subcommander Rai's mission is in the middle, and the Kelsid mission is at the very bottom of the sector map.

Even though this isn't the order I played the missions in, for the sake of this break down, lets say you're starti…

Daredevil'ish Thoughts Omnibus

 Yes, I've combined by two original Dardevil'ish Thoughts into one, mainly because it's interesting to see how my mood soured.

Part 1 - Orignally published March 21, 2016
Hello and welcome to The Basement...

While many have binged watch all 13 episodes of Daredevil Season 2, I am going at a much slower pace... as the time this video, and it's corresponding blog , was produced after viewing episode 6 of this season, meaning I have seven episodes to go. I will keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Right off the bat, let me say the lighting is still absurdly bad to the point I have to watch the show with the lights on, just to see any damn thing when it's set at night or in a dark location. And I've watch it on my phone, TV and PC, and basically it's a poorly lit show. That's my major complaint, it carries over from last season, but let's hit do the run down of the things that are obviously talking points for the first six episodes

Frank Castle,…

Star Trek #45 (1989 Series) - Comics From The Basment

Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement

For the past week or so you saw this, Star Trek #45 sitting in the background... and guess what today I'm reviewing it, but of course I have to get some history our of the way.

On January 12, 1967... The Star Trek episode the Squire of Gothos premiered, debuting Trelane, a powerful alien being that has the ability to create seemingly anything and have total control over his environment... but in reality was a boy, a child within his race of super beings... and one would think this would've been brought up more times in the show, a reoccurring antagonist that the crew has to out-wit?

Well no.... actually... in fact Trelane is never referenced to again in any Star Trek episode, despite being for all intents and purposes being considered fore-bearer for Q in the Next Generation. Then again the Next Generation only made ONE reference to the Original Series, that being in The Naked Now, which borrowed quite loosely the plot from The…