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Lets Play WWE 2K16 - My Career Hits NXT Arrival

So we're back to WWE 2K16... and yeah... not exactly a live stream this week... mainly because of the quality issues that plague it last Saturday as well as another stream session earlier this week to try and resolve those said issues. However I liked the layout I had for the live stream, being able to present in at 16:9 format without wasted space, so I went with just recording it straight away, which lead to another problem with an echo effect.

I will attempt to resolve that by next Saturday...

However with all these tech issues... including the bad streaming session from a couple of days ago, there is obviously some 'missed' content here. Basically I've been in a feud with Tyler Breeze, he ambushed me, we had some brawls... plus ended up having some matches on Superstars (The WWE's preliminary program that airs on the WWE Network on Fridays). Nothing really to write home about.

So let's get into what is in this weeks game play video... namely it's th…

Tales From The TARDIS - Five Hundred Eyes

Hello and Welcome to The Basement and Tales From The TARDIS, where I go through each and every single episode of classic Doctor Who on an weekly basis.

For those of you who may not know, we are currently up to part 3 of the Marco Polo serial... but wait... how can I be going over something that doesn't exist? Well I happen to have the reconstructed version of the serial that was produced by Loose Cannon Productions. So it is possible my friends!

So let's get right to this week's episode, Five Hundred Eyes!

The situation is dire, as the water supply is completely exhausted, and our heroes only survive because of SCIENCE! Okay, actually because The Doctor and Susan manage to collect water off of the TARDIS walls because of condensation. That's actually pretty imaginative thinking, and I don't think that solution has appeared in fiction since then. If I'm wrong about that, please tell me in the comments section below.

The group makes there way to Tun-Huang, w…