Thursday, March 24, 2016

Daredevil'ish Thoughts Part 2

This is covered episodes 7 to 13 of Daredevil season two on Netflix, as well as the season as a whole.

Hello and Welcome to the Basement... and part 2 of Daredevil'ish Thoughts covering the second half of the season... and I'll try to keep this spoiler free but as you saw or read, that will be damn near impossible.

And I'm not really sure what the make of what we saw (or didn't see as my same complaint about the poor lighting still stands)... and I'm not fully sure where to begin to try and make sense of this. Actually the best starting point will have to be with where the main focus was for the first chunk of the season.

Frank Castle... aka The Punisher... we get his trial.... and the subsequent implosion of Nelson & Murdock... and it's treat all as a subplot thanks to the Elektra story line, and I have to say... that's real damn shame. I get that the things that went down with Elektra, The Hand and so-forth are all apart of the Daredevil mythos... but man, did some things get royally screwed here. As I said before, The Punisher by far isn't the most interesting character in the Marvel Universe, but when he is on screen and in particular with Karen Page (whose own character growth is tied to his), it gets and actually got frustrating to see his story arc being treated with less importance. He goes to prison, escapes, there's a manhunt, the DA Reyes and other folks tied to the death of Frank's family is killed, he finds out WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE and has some awesome character moments with Karen who is going through her own character turmoil with Nelson & Murdock imploding... and its all treated as secondary. The Trial alone which should've been the focus of the second half of the season, was over and done within two episodes, Frank's in-prison for all of one episode, which sees Wilson Fisk return and we see what he got up too, The Police are going all out find him for 1/2 an episode (And is only brought up when Karen is on the screen)....this raises the question of why wasn't The Punisher just given his own series if basically they were going to shove him aside like this. The best thing that came out of this was the sit down conversation he had with Karen in a diner where he basically set her straight as it relates to Matt Murdock.

And speaking of Matty.... Why is it that every single Superhereo ends up going to through a screwed up hybrid of the Batman-Spider-Man mindset, as in 'the weight of the world is in my shoulders and no-one understands that the mask is more important than the man' b.s. that turns the character into a freaking idiot? We've seen this recently on The Flash with the Earth-2 stuff and it's a reoccurring theme on Arrow. Hell the only actual character development Matt gets is that he got his famous billy-club.

Now lets talk about the mess with him, Elektra, Stick and The Hand...first up, it's this storyline that leads to the rapid implosion of Nelson & Murdock, as it distracts Matt from the task at hand, putting all the weight (as brief as it was) of the Punisher trial on Foggy, who ends up going to a big law firm as a result, but it's treated as a non-issue the further into the season you go despite being what the season was building towards. Because the real focus on the season was all about Elektra and everything else was secondary, we get flash backs of her past, her relationship with Stick, the fact that she is a living weapon. She is the cause of the budding romance of Matt and Karen to falter, the cause of the end of Nelson & Murdock (not to mention a huge reason why the trial of Frank Castle ends up being a non-issue, she's the macguffin used to eliminate a key witness). Now I know she has closer ties to Daredevil than The Punisher does, hell they made sure Elektra was a huge part of the Ben Affleck movie but her presence forced so many rapid changes to the status-quo on the show that I wasn't exactly moved when the character died. Now I know I wouldn't have minded it so much if her story line was the whole season, because the effects caused by her presence from a character standpoint really have no time to breath to feel the weight. Not to mention that her story line basically ends up having nothing to do the with The Punisher story line in no way beyond her presence screwing up the trail.


Okay... If I had to describe this season in one word it would be 'crowded', and I think this would've been better served if the focus was kept on Frank Castle, turning the season into about the trial for a longer period of time, his escape from Prison with the investigation of the cartel that's bringing in drugs in large shipments to Hell's Kitchen, as it does tie in directly to events from Season 1. Elektra could've been introduced with a slow build up to tease things for the 3rd season, where the implosion of Nelson & Murdock could've taken place, with her pulling Matt away from his actual job. Not to mention the obvious tie-in with The Punisher and Wilson 'Kingpin' Fisk is very much underplayed.

Grading the season on the whole.... I'd give it a C-.... they had great ideas, but having two very different story lines that had zero to do with the each other other than the one derailing the other just because you want to use more than one Marvel Universe character was an idea that weakened the season as a whole.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it, check Daredevil Season 2 out for yourself on Netflix.

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