Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Impressions: Jesus Christ RPG

Let me say right off the bat that I'm not the most religious person out there... and that I've seen a lot of off the wall video game concepts... from things like the Binding of Issac to Conker's Bad Fur Day, from Shaq Fu to Grand Theft Auto, from NCIS to Lego Batman... like comic books, if you can imagine something, it can be done in the realm of games being created...

Which brings me... 'Jesus Christ RPG'...

Developed and Published by Wholeton Games, and released for Free on Steam just in time for Easter here in 2016... 'Jesus Christ RPG' is perhaps the most surreal concept I've ever seen...

In short... it's Pokemon mixed with elements The Bible... okay that's silly... more like Final Fantasy meets The Bible.

Yeah that is as surreal as it sounds... as you level up 'Our Savior' he learns how to do his miracles (turn water to wine, heal the sick, etc, etc).... and you battle 'demons' while finding your apostles... and also recruiting your part (consisting of Simon Peter, Mary Magdalene and Judus who joins you no matter if you like it or not)

The game is done on a turn base system, much like many other RPGs, you input your commands when it's your turn, there is some thinking involved to realize how to use everyone's abilities.

Controls are simple, you use the keyboard.... the arrow keys to navigate, enter to select menu options, the ESC key to bring up your inventory, save, status screens... and space bar to interact with objects and people.

However it's the surreal nature of the game that makes it worth playing, there is an actual in-joke about the language (namely that they didn't speak English back in Biblical times), and Mary being apparently an overly common name.

Since the game is free is worth checking out.


Alright... those that know me personally know that I hate talking about anything serious... hell just look at my YouTube channel, my blog postings... or if you know where too look the fan fiction I have written and co-written over the course of the past 12 years... I'm not exactly the most serious person out there... hell I was actually preparing to do something regarding Buffy The Vampire Slayer for tomorrow when I just happened to look at the news... so I have to be serious

Earlier today...Brussels, the capital of Belgium was the victim of a terrorist attack that has seen 30 people killed and over 200 injured... and ISIS is taking credit for it...

To say this sickens me is an understatement... it pisses me right the hell of that people like ISIS exist... . And I have to ask: Why? What's the damn point? You want people to live in fear of you? You want people to hate you and to continue a cycle of death and destruction that has been going on for way too damn long? What the hell is your deal?

Hell... what types of pieces of filth brag about killing innocent men, women and children? You know what, I don't want to know what their deal is.... because there is no way anyone could justify those actions.

And let me add that I refuse to live in fear of ISIS and groups like them? Why? Because all they are, in reality, is just the most vile, disgusting stereotype of Muslims and people from the Middle East region... hell of the human race that has ever existed.

To all those in Brussels that were affected by today's tragic events, I stand with you, Hopefully the arse-wipes who did these deeds will be brought to justice sooner rather than later...

The Warriors - Basement Matinee

This week's movie... The Warriors...

There are some movies... that when you hear about them, they sound awesome and makes you want to see them... then there are ones when you hear about them... they forever remain on the 'eh I'll see it later' list

For example the plot of this week's film... The Warriors...

Just going by how the plot is listed on IMDB... In 1979 a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them.

Doesn't really sound all that interesting does it? Well for me, it certainly wasn't a priority on my 'must watch' list... sure I knew about the the phrase 'Warriors Come Out And Plaaa-ay' bit, it was engraved in pop culture... and the 'Can you dig it, Sucka' basically kept pro-wrestler Booker T popular and made him a Hall of Famer.

Also this film does tie into something I talked about a few weeks ago, as the Chief on the game show 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego' was played by Lynn Thigpin, who was also in this film.

But I digress...

I recently sat down to watch The Warriors... and I'll admit, it's decent... not great by any means... but its certainly enjoyable. While mostly taking place at night, it is shot very well and it does capture the seedy, corrupt dangerous nature of New York. I get why viewers find themselves rooting for the Warriors to make it 'home', cause it was a frame up gig, and you want to see the crew survive when everyone from rival gangs to the police is out to get them. The action sequences are well staged, and the film has a form of down and dirty, gritty style that we don't see much in films today, which are can be a bit too 'polished' and clean for their own good.

That said... the film has its problems... I don't get the gimmick nature of the various street gangs... which is saying something considering the over the top gimmicks of the various gangs in Saints Row III is what makes that game so fun to replay... and the acting is a bit... stiff... hell, for a lot of the cast, this was their film, so don't get my wrong in thinking I'm calling their performances bad, cause some would go onto to give better performances.

Then there area of course some of the head-scratching moments. For example the 'pride' of The Warriors keeping 'colors' instead of simply taking them off to head through The Orphan's turf is puzzling... and that's followed by Mercy joining with the Warriors when she was the one who helped provoked the confrontation. But hey, it's clearly a 'long night' and strange things happen as our 'heroes' get separated, some get captured, they get attacked... and through it all... then end up coming out on top, particularly when the truth of them being set up is revealed. It's also a surprisingly slow paced film, in that with it's 90+ minute run time, it's over 'too soon'... as a subplot between the characters of Swan and Mercy goes seemingly nowhere.

Which makes this where I should mention that this movie is adaption of a book from 1965 and also is the inspiration for the 2005 smash-hit video game from Rockstar Games, for those wanting more to go with the film. But I'm trying to stay on topic here...

So... what's my recommendation for this film from 1979? Well... it's certainly worth checking out at least once, because you will see why it has become a cult-classic. It's been released on DVD and Blu-Ray over the years, or, check your favorite streaming service that features movies.

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