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JLA Titans - Comics From The Basement:

This week's review... the 'JLA Titans' Mini Series... AKA The Technis Imperative

Hello and welcome to Comics From The Basement... and I'm breaking one of my own rules...

I am a fan of Atop The Fourth Wall... hell the reason I got serious about my YouTube channel is because of that web show.... and while as I figuring things out, one thing I told myself was that I would go out of my way to AVOID going over comics Linkara did...

However... we're in March... and I was re-watching Linkara's March of The Titans specials from 2013... and where he explain why this particular story is his favorite, the one that got him into comics, the one that for all intents and purposes is the standard for which he judges other comics.

That being JLA Titans: The Technis Imperative

Now for those of you who may not know... this mini-series (cause I have the individual issues because I wasn't going to pay $25 for the trade collection), is considered by many to be the crowning achievement as far as The Teen Titans are concerned, at least in terms of the comics, the entire first issue basically sees every member of the Titan being captured, with mini-bios informing the readers of who they are and their allegiance, so no reader would be left out in the cold not knowing who these characters are. It's also notable for being a Superhero vs Superhero story that actually delivers, in that both sides are right... but we'll get that do that in the break down.

And I've re-ordered the way I did the break down this week.

Writer: Devin Grayson who is critically acclaimed, working on Batman Chronicles, Catwoman,the Titans series which followed this mini-series, Nightwing Batman: Gotham Knights and that's just DC... she is incredible. I'm hard press to find something from her that is remotely underwhelming. The story work and dialog in the mini-series is very engaging

Artist: Phil Jimenez, he's also credited as a 'co-plotter'... He's done work on Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis, The Amazing Spider-Man, New X-Men and Teen Titans. He is not everyone cup of tea, but I can safely say that JLA-Titans is a major high point for him, with the amount of characters and details needed to pull it off.

Plot: About time we get to the plot... well this will involve a bit of backstory... a long time ago, Cyborg left earth an alien race call the Technis, actually becoming completely connected with it, lost himself in the process... and now he has returned to Earth as apart of a Technis facility, where he unknowingly kidnaps former Teen Titans because of his desire to be with friends and what he considers family. At the same time, these actions put the Earth at risk as the Technis construct attached itself to the moon and attacks on it by the Justice League end up causing a pull on the moon which leads to destruction on the planet below. The key thing is that Cyborg is caught in the middle, the Titans wanting to save him since that may save the day while the JLA is willing to destroy him for the 'greater good' cause that will save the day. It's battle of the old 'The Needs of The Many Out Weight The Needs Of The Few',

Positives: There are ton... but the biggest is being that it's a great introduction to the Titans, giving some of their history while establishing a director for them going forward (in this case, this mini series led to a new monthly series for the group). It basically keeps things well balance as you can see both sides point of view on how to handle the crisis at hand... it's a story of friendship and family vs the greater good. Also the individual covers are awesome

Negatives: Well I had to stretch for this... but...there are a couple of negatives here... but I'd have to say the out of no where inclusion of Catwoman... and also the fact that while we get to see Captain Marvel Jr take on Superman... Batman doesn't lift a finger to do anything other than preach to Nightwing.

Weirdness: One of the final panels in issue #3... has the love interests that Nightwing had clearly talking about him... what's weird is that Mirage deceived Nightwing into having sex with her while pretending to be Starfire... kind of puts a different spin on things when one knows that bit of history.

Recommendation: Oh it's a great read, I highly encourage folks to check it out. I know for a fact has all three issues available for digital readers, has the issues and the trade available... but you're better off ordering the single issues, as they are a lot cheaper.

Now next week... we're going back to Space... The Final Frontier

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