Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lets Play WWE 2K16: A Gorgeous Rival

So we're back to WWE 2K16 This week, as we complete the month of May, and we run into 'Prince Pretty' himself Tyler Breeze... or rather he runs into me...

But before all that, let me get a few details out of the way... I was experimenting with OBS this time around, to try and have a full 16:9 display, instead of 4:3, and I think the results were... mixed... as the stream quality was down... and my experimenting caused the game to crash on an earlier live stream. So I'm not sure if I'll set it up that way next week or not. If I can get the quality better I will give it another go, otherwise it'll back to the back borders on the side. Or at the very least have a non-Stream version recorded as well. We'll see.

On to what happened in the live stream... first match was with R-Truth, and Tyler Breeze running in... apparently I took the last cupcake or something in catering, it's not explained as to why he ran in, he just did out of the blue. And well... it ended up costing me the match, I had Truth beat a few times, but Breeze kept distracting the ref.

That of course led to a show down with Breeze... and he got a trashing let me tell you what. Cost me a victory? HA! I mangled his face. Victory is mine! And You'd think that would have taught The King of Cuteville a lesson... but nope... what does he do? He jumps me on the stage the next week when I'm about to face Curtis Axel. Being pumped up for a match, wasn't going to take any of Tyler's B.S., and left him laying.

Of course, this is the WWE? Paybacks have to be done... so under the encouragement of the tutorial system, I go after Tyler... and despite hitting him with some big moves... he... well... kicks my butt on the entrance ramp...

So yeah... this begins on a low and ends on a low note..

Anyway the live stream replay is below!

Tales From The TARDIS: The Singing Sands

This week's episode, The Singing Sands... aka part two of Marco Polo

Hello and Welcome To Tales From The TARDIS... which is recored from right here in The Basement!

Today we're going over part 2 of the Marco Polo, which is called... The Singing Sands Our heroes, The Doctor, Barbara, Ian, and Susan have joined up with Marco Polo and his group, and they are crossing the Gobi Desert... amazingly, no one has gotten sand in their shows, and The Doctor is... well acting like a child, which annoys Susan when he refuses to come out of his tent. Well... to be fair the Doctor does have a child-like sense of wonder about him in various incarnations.

Anyway, Susan is probably even more distressed than her grandfather, stressing her frustrations about being stuck on Earth rather than exploring through time and space. Considering what happens with her character in future stories, this stands out quite a bit. For those of you who may not know, Susan ends up being left behind by the Doctor on Earth following a Dalek Invasion, deeming it the best place for her. So one has to wonder just how things went for her after that happened... but we're getting way head of ourselves.

Susan, along with Ping-Cho (who gets caught up in the spirit of exploring) follows Tegana when he walks off the night.... and the three of them end up getting lost thanks to a sandstorm. This ends up tying into what happened in the previous episode, as Tegana was going to poison the groups water supply, but he is unable too. Instead he slices open the gourds of water to let the water run out. Rather devious while also making the best of a bad situation.

The journey ends up continuing regardless, mainly with Marco Polo insisting that they go forth, but things end up being pretty serious as days on by... and eventually Tegana is sent out to find an oasis... which he does he cries out for Marco to come for the water... while pouring some onto the sand, clearly a sign indicating he's not going to return to the group, and this is where the episode ends.

This episode... stands out primarily for Susan, as we get some great character moments from her that as I said, makes you think about her life when she leaves the TARDIS crew down the road. There is a nice scene of Marco and Ian playing chest... and we see Tegana's creativity when it comes to adapting to when things don't go his way.

However, it is very slow paced... and is a good example as to why the serials ended up with a standard of four episodes.

Also on the plus side, since I watch the Loose Cannon Productions reconstruction (as noted last week), the costumes and set designs were really well done, making the most of what they had on a budget.

Anyway, that wraps things up for this week, next part 3... Five Hundred Eyes

God Save The Fanbase

A dramatic reading of the lyrics Ellen of ReelSerious wrote regarding reboots and such

I don't know if you will hear me, or if you even care, I don't know if you would listen to a fan(girl/boy)'s prayer. Yes I know I'm really nerdy, I'm just a geek to you, But I know you were a child once. Don't you love your memories too?

God help the fanbase We're missing our past. Feed our nostalgia so happiness lasts. God help my people, we fear what's ahead, God help the fanbase, so long have we pled

(Fans to the movie industry) I ask for love, I ask for skill, I ask for reboots that don't make me ill, I ask for fun. Make me obsessed! I ask for films like my old VHS tapes.

I ask for nothing, I'm doing fine 'Cause loving old stories is truly divine. Please help my fanbase, Make right what is wrong, if not for us then at least for Egon. God help the fanbase just for Egon!

That was written by Ellen, the awesome creative mind behind ReelSerious (Check out her Channel). While it is inspired by the justified outcry towards the Ghostbusters in Name Only Film coming out later this year, It actually goes beyond just that franchise. How many bad reboots have we seen in recent years? From movies Gem and The Holograms to Clash of the Titans to Conan The Barbarian to The Bad News Bears to The A-Team To Planet Of The Apes to The Pink Panther.

Now don't get me wrong, reboots can work, we've seen them work mainly if its something that can be made to go in a whole new direction that isn't tarnishing the original in anyway. Hell there have been some great reboots, Dredd, Superman Returns, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Sum of All Fears are all examples of this, and what made them work is there was genuine effort put into them.

Ellen's original video can be viewed below

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