Friday, March 18, 2016

This Weeks With The SuperHeroes: March 18, 2016

This week's topics include The Nostalgia Critic, The Mask, Dacia, Jason Fuchs, Lobo, X-Men: Apocalypse, Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Supergirl & WWE Roadblock


Hello and Welcome To The Basement, and This Week With The Superheroes... where my opinion are about as valid as policies of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton for their political campaigns... as in they aren't valid.

First thing, I'm dropping some of the music clips, as I really don't want to deal with any content ID issues on my channel, the gameplays are going to be what they are... but if I want to monetize what I do, I need this to be as close to 100% me as possible... plus I'll work on adding other features going forward, such as in the video version, I've added in images, sorta of like a news cast for topics and such.

As some may know, I kind of have a like-hate view when it comes to Doug Walker and Channel Awesome of of late... but this week he released a video as part of his Nostalgia Critic with a question about the 1994 Film The Mask, with the title being was it supposed to be gory because the source material, the original comic series was over the top gory. While that video was more of a broad retrospective of the first four prominent Mask comic book series.

Now with as many adaptations of various different things there have been since who knows when, and the 'Old vs New' series Walker did years back, the answer is always the same: It's just a different spin on the concept meant for whichever audience something is being designed to reach... with the problem being not knowing how fans of different version are going to react With The Mask you get the same base concept seen in multiple different lights (supposedly gory comic version, over the top cartoon live action version, and Saturday Morning Cartoon version), and all three versions has folks who prefer one over the others because they are all done well (for the most part).

That said... it's amazing that the title of this video has a question that is not answered, in that was the film supposed to be gory or not... and the answer to that is pretty obvious: No... because on the whole, gore wasn't exactly 'in' with audiences in 1994 as it was 80s... for the most part a lot of films were on the cerebral films, family flicks, standard action movies. Even if it had a different lead actor, The Mask would not have been closer in tone to the comic that it already was.

Anyway, let's do the NEWS

Good news... Dacia has a new Chief Executive.... Top Gear fans, you're welcome

Warner Brothers have assigned Jason Fuchs to write the Lobo movie, basically scrapping a script that has been sitting around since 2012. Fuchs also wrote the upcoming Wonder Woman movie... so apparently he impressed enough with that to get tasked with helping bring the Main Man to the big screen.

Even though it has been know for a while, and talked about here in the Basement... Marvel officially confirmed Finn Jones as Iron-fist for it's upcoming Netflix Series. Saw the new X-Men Apocalypse trailer... looks like a standard global disaster film... and yes, Apocalypse still looks like Ivan Ooze from the Might Morphing Power Rangers movie from the mid 90s.

And we got details on the DVD release of Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice, it will be 'R-Rated' and will be a half-hour longer than the version hitting theaters... which raises a question... what the hell is going to be the point of seeing the movie in theaters, This just reeks of it being a cash-grab. Say $36 for a family of four to see the movie in theaters (without snacks) then an additional $25 for the DVD that's coming out as soon as the movie leaves theaters a few weeks later? That's $60 there, which is way to damn much to spend on seeing a movie. I am not a fan of multiple-version releases of the same film coming out in short order, it's why I stopped buying DVDs several years ago.

That said, let's go over this weeks shows... keep in mind, no Flash or Arrow this week, they return next week. Legends of Tomorrow is also on hiatus, returning on March 31st. So another light week of TV viewing.

Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness Alfred and Selina help Bruce search for his parents' killer, Matches Malone; Gordon goes to Edward Nygma with Kristen Kringle's whereabouts; Hugo Strange continues working to reduce the Penguin's aggression Rating: 4 out of 5.... this episode seemed a bit uneven for me, as I felt the bits with Nygma and Penguine distracted from the main plot with Bruce confronting Malone and reaching a big point in his path to becoming the caped crusader. Don't get me wrong I thought everything was awesome as the stories of Nygma and Penguine were advanced, but it seemed wedge in and took away from Bruce's story a bit. And we're two weeks away from the crossover with The Flash!

Agents of Shield The Inside Man Coulson and Gen. Talbot suspect Malick of having an inside man at the worldwide symposium on Inhumans; the team discovers a traitor. Rating: 3 out of 5... better than last week... then again I would've been shocked if this was as bad as last week's episode. The plot, while cookie-cutter with Shield at this point, was held together by the fact that everything seemed to be going in the same direction... although Daisy seems to be going off into Magneto territory with the dialog she was spouting. Also, lot of shipping material in this episode.

Supergirl Falling After being exposed to red kryptonite, Kara turns malicious and becomes a danger to her friends and to the people of National City; Cat discusses Supergirl on "The Talk." Rating: 5 out of 5... Hey it's the plot point of Superman III coming back around again, botched man-made Kryptonite causing our hero to turn evil... and boy oh boy, Melissa Benoist was chewing the scenes with getting to play the bad girl. Now it probably was way to soon in the series for this to happen, but it was a lot of fun. Also people have seen Hank become the his true self, which lead to him being arrested by the DEO, so that will be interesting to see

WWE Roadblock Rating: 3 out of 5 It was a nice special, simply yet another version of the WWE events at MSG, The Spectrum and other arenas that were taped and aired in local markets back in the 70s, 80s and 90s, as in, they reflected the story lines going on at the time, nothing major happens and builds up to the next big show, in this case WrestleMania.

Well that covers everything... we'll catch ya next Friday

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