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Shrek The Musical - Basement Matinee

This week's movie... Shrek The Musical

For The YouTube Version - Scroll Down

Stage productions are cool, and musicals are 20% percent cooler... even if its recorded for broadcast... last fall I absolutely loved the 40th Anniversary broadcast of the Rocky Horror Show... so when I saw that Shrek The Musical was on Netflix this past week I instantly set aside some time to watch it.

For those of you who may not know... Shrek is the story of an ogre whose swamp becomes invaded with refugee Fairy Tale creatures, and to get rid of them he strikes a deal with the ruler of the land to retrieve a princess who he ends up falling in love with, with a moral that beauty isn't necessarily skin deep. Okay yeah that's the bare bones version of the plot, but its 2016, there's been four movies (5 counting Puss In Boots), numerous TV specials and video games and if you don't know what the plot is... then you must be under a rock much better than mine.

But I'm not talking about th…