Monday, March 14, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: The Dragon's Deceit and Parasite's Return

We are back in the Delta Quadrant with the next mission coming from Command.... If you want to just seen the mission game-play, scroll down to the bottom for the video!

As we saw in the last mission, something strange is going on with the Vaadwaur, and things are even more strange in the Kartella System... so who are they going to call in for that neighborhood? Why Admiral Sobar of course! There is apparently nothing vital into resources in that system, bu the Vaadwaur have enough ships there to indicate they have a huge base there, so it's certainly worth investigating.

But there is a problem, can't really go storming in there, so we have to do some covert actions. A Hazari bounty hunter named Y'dren has a ship holo-projector, a device that can be used to disguise my vessel (and yours when you play the mission) as a Vaadwaur ship, which along with knowing some basic math, bluffing and engineering actions, gets us to the planet.

Now unlike a lot of missions up to this point, 'The Dragon's Deceit' is notable for the player beaming down without an away team. We've seen missions beaming down with one or two members of our crew, but not by ourselves. With Tuvok being a voice in the ear, we lock up guards in rooms, knock out some with gas, repel and zipline our way through a Vaadwaur base... to discover the truth...

In that it is the 'Bluegill parasites' that were first introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Conspiracy'. As seen in the mission, these suckers range in size from tiny creatures that enter and exit via a person's mouth - greatly increasing their strength and making them resistant to energy weapon's fire - to giant beast that look like they are related to the Predator.

Some funny history about them... they only came to be, because Gene Roddenbery being a complete psycho about how 'perfect' humanity was, stated that there is no way Starfleet could be evil in any way, basically making a 'something rotten' at the core of the Federation something impossible to due until after he died, so these 'parasites' were created to resolve what could've been a fun story-line within two episodes of season one.

The funny thing is, the episode in which the creatures officially debuted ended with an open ending that was never followed up on, though the 'something rotten' within Starfleet theme was heavily used in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Getting back to Star Trek Online, when I first saw that the parasites were back, I was thrilled, as it certainly was taking advantage of things left unfinished within the Star Trek franchise. It's one of the many things that the developers have taken advantage of, is expanding on canon to add to the direction of the story they have moved in since the game launched.

Anyway... next time out, it's another system patrol bundle of missions with Alliances

Game Play Video:

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