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The Duck Knight Returns - Comics From The Basement

He is the Terror The Flaps In The Night... He is the star of this week's comic book review and recommendation... He is Darkwing Duck!

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Hello and Welcome to Comics From The Basement...

He is the terror that flaps in the night... He is the hero that every culture in the world needs... he is Darkwing Duck!

From 1991 to 1992... The daring duck of mystery protected the residents of Saint Canard as part of the Disney Afternoon, a block of original animated programing that featured (for the most part) the best animated cartoons on Weekday afternoons.

Created by Tad Stones, Darkwing Duck followed the exploits of it's titled crime-fighting hero with the help of Launchpad McQuack (which helped tie this series to Duck Tales), battling villains such as Megavolt, QuackerJack, Steelebeak and NegaDuck. However Darkwing wasn't your typical superhero in terms of his mindset, he wanted to be a hero for the fame and glory. Sure he always did the right thing... bu…