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Lets Play WWE 2K16 - The Debute of Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco

With Grandia II being finished this past Sunday, it's off to a new game with WWE 2K16, the PC version that hit Steam on Thursday... and go into 'My Career' mode, creating a wrestler with my 'face'... smudged badly... to create a wrestler named Frankie 'Big Ham' Franco... who moves like Kurt Angle... and comes from no place in particular.

The 'My Career' mode, after you create your character, basically give you a tutorial on some of the control mechanics, in particular the tie-up, the submission and pinfall... plus encourages you to have a lot of variety in the moves you perform over the course of a match... apparently 5-Star matches never have a move done 'twice'... to which I say, B.S. because spamming moves is what is all the rage on the indies... well that and spots done with Juan's Wang... but I digress.

The big deal people would notice is the fact the game plays a bit slowly on my computer... and it's actually similar, as I sa…

Tales From The Tardis: The Roof Of The World

We begin our look at the Marco Polo serial this week with The Roof Of The World...

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Hello and Welcome To The Basement, It's Saturday which means its time for Tales From The TARDIS.

This week, we'll starting our breakdown, over through and commentary on Marco Polo... and I know what you're going to say, but that serial is one of a many that no longer exist... to which I say, let's do a little history shall we?

From 1967 to 1979, large amounts of videotape and film stored at the BBC's engineering and film library were destroyed to make way for newer programming, with the belief that there no one would be interested in watching old programming, plus there was an actor's union who fought against TV recordings, which lead to how many time something can be repeated before it was to be destroyed. So yeah, unions were the true enemy of Doctor Who, as their demands ended up exterminating a bunch of episodes from William Hartnell and Patrick …