Friday, March 11, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes March 11, 2016

This week we're talking Gotham, Ghostheads, Agents of Shield, Legends of Tomorrow, WWE 2K16, WWE Roadblock and more!

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Welcome to the Basement... and it's time... for THIS WEEK WITH THE SUPERHEROES! And right off the bat... let's get to the NEWS, with a big congrats to Brendan Metens and the folks behind the Ghostheads documentary for hitting their target goal last night! This is epic! Not just saying that because I backed the project myself, but as I said a few weeks ago, this is the one Ghostbusters related film here in 2016 that everyone needs to get behind because it's about us the fans!

Daredevil season 2 hits Netflix on March 18... and no I'm not going to binge watch that over the course of one weekend, I'll probably watch them over the course of the follow week. Obviously the big deal is the inclusion of The Punisher and Elektra... but my concern is did they get a budget for the lighting this season? That may seem like a running joke, but I'm dead serious about it.

Zack Synder wanted to give Christian Bale a role in Superman V Batman Dawn of Justice... and I'm personally glad that didn't happen, and the cameo probably would've been as pointless as Arnold Schwarzenegger's in The Rundown to pass the torch Dwayne Johnson

Speaking of Arnold... and yeah this is a totally out of no where reference, but since he's in the game... I have played the PC port of WWE 2K16... and much like 2K15 last year, the launched version is a bit clunky, but I think a patch similar to last years edition would resolve a lot of performance issues players are having. I'll probably start a live stream for the 'My Career' mode.

I would comment on all the movie posters that came out this week, but there is only so many ways to say 'they look cool' and 'bad ass', but I've never been sold on a movie based on the movie poster.

Saw a great meme that I have to say applies to many couples out there some words of wisdom... don't be like Kim and Kanye... be like Gomez and Morticia... those of you with a brain, will get what I'm referring too... the rest... get needs to get a clue.

So on that note... let's go over this weeks shows... and it's a light week with only three shows on cause Supergirl was not aired this past Monday

Gotham Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold Gordon, Barnes and Bullock look to Nora for help in their search for Victor Fries; Penguin meets Hugo Strange; Alfred gives Bruce crucial information about his parents' murder. Rating 5 out of 5 - Wow... what an awesome follow up and a twist in regards to the origin of Mr. Freeze, now that Nora is dead, and Hugo Strange is certainly going to be playing a huge part with a lot of villains it seems. Penguin had a rough go at it, feeling betrayed by Gordan and being tortured by Hugo and the staff at Arkham... and now Bruce is wanting a gun... that's going to end up being a parody of Jamie's Got A Gun I bet. This was just great!

Agents of SHIELD Bouncing Back The aftermath of Coulson's trip to Maveth has him more determined than ever to shut Hydra down; Daisy and the team encounter more Inhumans with unknown loyalties. Rating 1 out of 5 - And here we have the flip side... with a convoluted mess that is the return of Agents of Shield... as the bits of hype using music from AC/DC were wasted with a bad make up job on Ward, weak effects for the new Inhumans and too many plots, from yet another start to the Fitz-Simmons relationship drama, to Coulson having yet another obsession and the InHumans being a weak parallel for the X-Men.

Legends Of Tomorrow Night of the Hawk The team follows Savage to an Oregon town in the 1950s, where they suspect he's involved in a string of murders; professor Stein and Sara track Savage to a hospital and go under cover to spy on him; Ray and Kendra struggle to gain trust Rated 2 out of 5 - Main... talk about a clunker this week... but to be fair, Legends of Tomorrow was due for a really bad episode. I felt like with Agents of Shield there was too much going on, and while that show was reusing old story lines, there was just too much crammed into this episode, with the creatures, Kendra encountering Vandal Savage earlier in his lifetime, Sara sexual liberating a nurse, Jax dealing with racism, and of course no real follow up on what Snart did Rory last week. Plus the less than subtle racism in this episode really felt like 'oh we got a time machine and two black characters' so lets go to the 1950s and use that awkwardness.

WWE Roadblock Predictions

Adding this here... and going off of the announced matches

Triple H defending the WWE Championship against Dean Ambrose... I'm taking Ambrose because at this point it's clear that is the only logical thing they can do to get out of the mess they are involved in

The Revivial (Dawson and Dash) defending the NXT Tag Titles against Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady... I'm taking the Realiest Guys in the room, it's now or never, either put the belts on Enzo and Cass or move them and Carmella up to the main roster or let them go

Brock Lesnar face Bray Wyatt... and really who the frog cares? Brock is not and has never been a legit draw, and it'll be the same suplex spamming B.S. and Bray Wyatt just needs to be removed from TV for sixth moths and debute as Moe Dallas, the legit brother of Bo Dallas... that said... Brock in a cake walk

The New Day defending the WWE Tag titles against Sheamus and King Barrett of the League of Nations... eh, it's a toss up, I'll say the League of Nations takes it to set up a rematch for Mania.

Well that just about covers everything for this week... tomorrow on Tales From The TARDIS, we begin the look and breakdown of the Marco Polo serial... and I might have a surprise for you with that.

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