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Basement Matinee - Son Of Batman

What's more overpowered than Batman? How about his SON?!



Hello and Welcome to Basement Matinee...

Let me be up front about something... Superman is not (and has never been) over-powered or over-rated. Superman has been pushed to his limits, he's died, he has defined weaknesses that well defined.

I'm one of those who think Batman is over-rated and over-powered... and I know the argument from Batman lovers is that he's the 'Goddamn Batman' and 'he has no Super Powers'.... to which I say blabbering blatherskite. He's the 'best' at everything, best 'detective' , best scientist, best inventor (in the DC Universe), best fighter, best planner, there is no other Superhero that comes close... and to top it all off Batman has no weaknesses. Sure Batman has gotten 'injured', but it's always treated as more of a slight inconvenience.

So you can imagine my take on Damian Wayne... aka the worst Robin ever..…