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Lets Play Star Trek Online: Capture The Flag Into The Breach

So a day earlier than normal, we have a new 'Lets Play' for 'Star Trek Online'... and it's a botched recording, as the game crashed on me at the very end of the mission 'Capture The Flag' which basically saw the Super Vaadwaur get knocked into the Singularity Core of the Lleiset.

Anyway, the mission opens as a rescue opperation, the Vaadwaur have attacked a group of Alliance vessels, and my ship along with the Lleiset are sent in to save the day. To speed things along, when a ship is rescued they join the battle, thus making the space combat easy as pie. However, the Lleiset gets boarded, and so we head over to fight off the invaders, fighting all over the Lleiset (corridors, sick bay, the armory, engineering) and close quarters is just awesome and makes for great visuals.

The before mentioned 'Super Vaadwaur' is a key point in this portion of the game, as it starts to call back to an season 1 episode of Star Trek The Next Generation... which we&#…

Comics From The Basement - Secret Weapons #4

This week I review Secret Weapons #4 from Valiant Comics!



Welcome to the Basement...

Last week I said we were going to go over something more 'actiony'... not sure if that's a word, but this week's comic is a bit more action oriented... but last week's comic had a lot of action and I'm digging myself a hole aren't I? Anyway, this week's review is Secret Weapons #4.

The Publisher of this particular comic is Valiant Comics, which I talked about very briefly when I did a 'Linkara' styled look at Quantum & Woody #1 several months ago... but that was when the company was purchased by Acclaim and the quality went down hill. This comic is from Valiants first run, where they were know for being more expensive than Marvel and DC... but the artwork and writing more than make up for the price.

Now let's talk about Secret Weapons... a series published in 1993, it was a team-book, bringing together some of Valiant's s…