Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online Know Your Enemies

The Vaadwaur have increased their efforts to control the Delta Quadrant We're going to have to work fast if we want to keep them in check. I need the your ship to take on some routine patrols. We've marked several system that have had particularly high activities in them as of late.We'll need you to patrol those systems and give aid to whomever you find. Hopefully we can gain more allies and find out what exactly the Vaadwaur are planning.

So that time of the week again... and oh goody it's another set of patrol missions, four missions that takes us all over a sector of space with heavy duty space combat. And the gameplay video is unedited so you see the in between travel stuff from location to location

So let's break this down shall we?

First up the Rivos system, basically your standard ship is in distress, warp in and help them out in recovering their cargo... but it turns out it's a trap! First slugging it out with the Malon and then the guys we're were helping out. Seems like a Ferengi has put out a bounty my ship and people want to cash in.

Second... the Hondos System... based on the Star Trek Voyager episode 'Drive'.. which showed the Formula-1 exists in 24th Century... you get to see my horrible piloting skills as it relates to a shuttle craft... it is about as thrilling as it sounds. Run the race course and then get attacked by pirates in the aftermath

Then there is the Borthra system... where the feuding between the Borg Cooperative and the Octani is still brewing, as we arrived after both Vaadwaur kick the tar out of both sides. This mission is pretty cool, mainly for the fact you actually get in-mission help against the Vaadwaur ships as you repair the Borg and Octani vessels.

And lastly... Subcommander Rai Sahen has a mission for us... we are to scan beacons and lur the Vaadwaur out, disable one of their ships to retrieve data from their computers.. and then fight off any back up they get. This mission is quite frustrating as the Vaadwaur has this cruel little trick with their cluster torpedoes that can knock down your shields and do heavy damage all at once... so to say I re-spawned a few times in this portion.

The good news is the next to missions are standard episodes, so we don't have to worry about another system patrol for a little bit.      

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