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Lets Play Grandia II: Epic Defeat on New Valmar

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It's that time again... time for a post-stream blog on my latest Live! From The Basement.... and boy did things get wonky in this one... as I tear through New Valmar... well not really, it's more like stumbling around, getting annoyed with the bugs that just eat magical attacks... and then getting a rude reminder about why I prefer having four party members instead of three.

In the two hours of game play I did today, it ended up in a series of boss battles (and me trying to keep up with the dialog as Zera can't understand how humanity is overcoming the minions of the revived god (Valmar), as well as the resurrection and return of Millenia.(Yay!). Basically, Zera believes he should just wipe out the world, and then proceeds to cut off Roan and Tio from Ryudo,Elena and Millenia...

Which of course leads to me having to talk about the epic defeat to the tongue of Valmar.... as you've seen in previous Live Streams... I …