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Tales From The TARDIS - Edge of Destruction

This week we go over part one of 'The Edge of Destruction'


Hello and Welcome to the Basement and welcome to Tales From The TARDIS To recap, The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara have helped the Thals defeat the Daleks for good (only to be retconned thanks to the Daleks popularity), and have left Skaro,.. so what happened next? That's what we're going over this week, in part one of Edge of Destruction entitled, The Edge of Destruction

The Doctor attempts to correct some circuitry but it causes an explosions and everyone is knocked out, Barbara is the first to recover, she awakens Ian and Susan, who has a bout of amnesia, but the Doctor is out with a wound on his head. Susan, seeing her grandfather hurt, tends to him but also becomes convinced that the TARDIS is under control of an alien presence (would not be the last time that happens!)

What seemingly validates Susan's fears, is that The TARDIS itself starts to act strangely, with the doors opening and t…

First Impressions: Fuller House

New Vlog N Blog... Like many I binged watched all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and so here are my thoughts on it... note this was recorded just before 4 in the AM

Abbreviated Blog Version

So... its... approaching 4 AM in the morning after binge watching all 13 episodes of Fuller House... and I have to say, I'm one of those who love this series. It started off with a great nostalgia look of Full House... and while the show being on Netflix, and got a little bit edgier than the original show, they kept the same family friendly vibe that made the original show beloved.

First off... the cast have great chemistry, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin (Who alone justifies the nickname Fuller Blouse) and Andrea Barber worked great off each other as kids when they played DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy, and that chemistry was still there, and the kid actors certainly held up their end of the bargain. Then there is the supporting cast, Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando (Kimmy's ex husband with …