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Back The Ghostheads Documentary Kickstarter

That's right, I'm backing The Ghostheads Kickstarter... and I'm going to explain why, and hopefully you'll join in and back it too!

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The Blog Version Hey everybody, Fred Casden here... anyone that has watched what I produce on my YouTube and Daily Motion channels, should notice that in the background is Mr. Stay-Puft... which is an indicator that I am a Ghosthead... a fan of the Ghostbusters franchise.

My personnel fandom goes back to the 80s, now I wasn't old enough to see the original film in theaters... but it was a movie that my dad had on VHS... and I grew up watching the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, I had a lot of of the action figures as a kid... granted the only one I still have is Peter Venkman from the Super Fright Featured line... saw Ghostbusters II in theaters in 1989, and when Extreme Ghostbusters came around in the mid-90s, that lead me to the Ghostbusters Fan Forum as well as corresponding with the late Doreen Mulman who ran that site, which in turn lead to me dabbling with various creative outputs over the years and also lead to me having a real appreciation for Voice Actors. Like many I was hoping for a 3rd movie and jumped for joy when Ghostbusters the Video Game came out. I am a fan... and 'Ghostheads' will be a documentary about the fans.

Now I feel this will do for Ghostbusters fans what John De Lancie's documentary 'Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony' and 'Trekkies' 1 and "Trekkies' 2 has done, in showing the love and appreciation that fans have for a franchise..

The people involved in the project have worked on documentary's such as 'I Am Santa Claus' and 'Back In Time' (which can be seen on Netflix if you want to see how good these guys are)

So my fellow Ghostheads... here's the skinny... the film is in its post-production phase, meaning it's near completion, and by backing the project, you can make sure that film is presented in the best way possible, for animation, post-production color correction and sound mixing, licensing fees and even film festival fees to get it seen in cinemas... and you get something back, like many Kickstarter projects, there are tiers for those who back it a different levels.

And don't think I'm not backing this project. I am and if you are a fan of Ghostbusters, I hope you consider backing the 'Ghostheads' as well.

For More About Ghostheads & To Back The Kickstarter Campaign Visit

And Follow The Project on Twitter @GhostheadsMovie

This Week With The SuperHeroes: Feb 26, 2016

This week's topics include iZombie, Marjorie Liu's problem with the casting of Iron Fist, this weeks television shows which includes The X-Files, Supergirl, Agent Carter, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow...

BLOG / SCRIPT Version It's the week of February 26, 2016, it was an interesting week in terms of the show on TV, but we'll get that later... and some folks DM'ed on Twitter (@FredCasden) wondering why I do this on Friday's, the answer is this, i watch every show a day after it airs because for whatever reason Comcast's broadcast TV signal sucks, their on-demand and TvGo services are flawless... which does raises questions about the amount I pay for them.

Anyway over the course of this past week I watched iZombie Season 1 on Netflix... and I loved it. Now (shocker) I have not read the comics the show is based on, but the show is done in such a way that it doesn't matter, it's very easy to get into, and I wished I did much sooner, cause now I have to wait for all of Season 2 to either be added to Netflix (and no I'm not going to switch to Hulu, i hate their PS3 interface), or for the full season to be added to On-Demand. So I won't be adding the show to my weekly viewing until the start of Season 3. That said, something that made season 1 easy to watch was that it was only 13 episodes... 20+ episode long seasons are just a chore to get through, even with rotation for bing watching, so I'm a little apprehensive about a going through 19 episode season two. Now lets do the NEWS

Marvel writer Marjorie Liu, whose worked on X-23, Darken: Dark Wolverine, Black Widow, in addition to other works, has a problem with the casting of Finn Jones, best known for his role on 'Game of Thrones' as Iron Fist, one of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows exclusive to Netflix.

She is quoted as saying, “Iron Fist is an orientalist-white-man-yellow-fever narrative. An Asian actor would have helped subvert that offensive trope, and reclaim space" in addition to :“Let me be blunt: I won’t watch Iron Fist if they cast a white dude. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve reached my limit. Peace out.”

So... let's put the cards on the table shall we? First from the Marvel Universe stand-point, the character of Iron Fist has a secret identity, Danny Rand, who is a blond-haired Caucasian. So the casting is perfectly in line with how the character has been since 1974, so the casting is keeping things in sync with the comics. Second, looking at Ms Liu's comic book credits... I notice she has not worked on anything 'Iron Fist' related, and knowing how Marvel has re-branded a number of characters to include more diversity, one would think if she took this matter seriously, she would would go to Marvel's editor in chief, Axel Alonso and... oh wait, well that itself would explain why she hasn't worked on anything involving the 'Iron Fist' character, Alonso answers to Joe Quesada... and Quesada wants things to be like how they were in the 1970s. Still there's the Ultimate Marvel line where there is that freedom to change things up, hell that's where Miles Morales as Spider-Man came from. Hell that's where the 'justification' for Samuel L Jackson to be Nick Fury originated as well.

Anyway enough of that... there is reports that the upcoming Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice film just escaped getting an 'R Rating' but its labeled with a 'PG-13' rating... you know what else got a PG-13 rating? Batman Returns. And for a counter-point, Universal Soldier was Rated R.... and that was tamer than Batman Returns. And I saw both in theaters at 9 years old... in fact I saw a lot of Rated R films before I was the age of 10 come to think of it. Now the reason I'm bringing this up, there's an internet meme of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, 'telling people' not to take their kids to see Deadpool because it has an 'R-Rating', and people are actually in agreement with it. Now I saw the movie last week... and compared to a lot of stuff I saw as a kid, Deadpool was pretty damn SOFT. Hell compared to Batman Returns, Deadpool was pretty damn weak, hell the only thing Rated-R about it was the 'Calendar Girl' sequence and the use of some bad language. The 'gore' was weaker than what you see on the Walking Dead and that airs of freaking AMC, and the 'violence' was rather cartoonish. Thing is, Deadpool very easily could've been PG-13, hell it wouldn't have taken much. And you know what's funny... people would've whined and cried about it not being 'Rated R'!

And GOOD NEWS... The Dacia Sandero has Easy-R Transmission.

And on that note... on to my thoughts regarding this week's shows!

X-Files - My Struggle II Plot: The investigation that Mulder and Scully began with Internet show host Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) seems to have created powerful enemies; Scully searches for a cure when people all over the country become gravely ill; a figure from the past emerges.

Rating: 2 out of 5 - What a bloated mess this was, it was as if if the creative team realized too late that the stories told in episode 2 through 5 of this season were not at all connected to what's book-ending this series, and crammed in as much as possible into this episode to compensate... not to mention over kill on every single conspiracy theory that has come along in the past 15 years. The only reason this episode gets any praise from me is I did like the it reminded of an episode of Quantum Leap. Also, Gotham returns this upcoming Monday

Supergirl - Truth, Justice and the American Way Plot: Kara battles the Master Jailer while dealing with a second assistant at CatCo and disagreeing with James over the DEO's methods.

Rating 5 out of 5: Something about this episode just clicked for me in all the right ways... maybe because of was Supergirl fighting someone who is clever about he does, maybe it was in the intodruction of Siobhan Smythe (aka the Silver Banshee in the comics) as someone who ust just getting under Kara's skin, or the depate about the DEO's methods which are much more compelling than the arguments about SHIELD's methods, or maybe Kara learning that J'onn killed her aunt... this episode just had a lot going for it that for me made it perfect in my eyes.

The Flash - King Shark Plot: When King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. holding tank, Diggle and Lila go to Central City to warn The Flash; Joe, Iris, Wally and Barry are attacked.

Rating: 3 out of 5, Barry Allen, is sad about things that are out of his control, doesn't understand why Wally doesn't like him... like we the viewers needed to be reminded of the character's stupidiy on Earth-2! That said, oh look 'Jay Garrick' is Zoom...well it fits the plot, so at least they didn't let it drag out to much later in the season, King Shark looked freaking awesome, which again makes me wonder about how Agents of Shield is going to do in the special effect department, and there was some great interactiom between Vibe and Catlin. The Flash will be on hiatus until March 22

Agent Carter The Edge of Mystery Plot: Sousa and Peggy try to make a deal with Whitney Frost; Howard Stark helps the SSR in hopes of eliminating Zero Matter.

A Little Song and Dance Plot: Peggy must put a dangerous plan into action to stop Whitney Frost and save Dr. Wilkes; Thompson makes an unexpected move.

Combined Rating: 3 out of 5.... two episodes, back to back on the same night is just too damn much... but unlike what opened the season, these two worked out a lot better , as now the season is heading towards its conclusion so everything had more of an up-tempo this week. Also... Wilkes can't seem to catch a break... he's like Noidberg in the Naked Gun movies, if something can happen to him, it WILL happen to him. The season finale is next week, with Agents of Sheild returning the following week.

Arrow -Taken Plot: Oliver asks Vixen, who has magical abilities, for help battling Darhk; Thea and Malcolm have an honest conversation.

Rating: 4 out 5 - Okay, off the bat I love Vixen, and I hope I have time to watch the animated season that is online in the near future, maybe binge watch that and do a broad overview. Onto this episode... this is your standard kidnapped child scenario, which while having a 'happy ending' of the kid being saved, doesn't end on that note, the real meat of this episode is actually with Speedy and Malcolm, and at some point I'm betting these two have a battle to the death, and the ending with Felcity breaking off her engagement to Oliver. The only down-side here, is that Felicty just getting up and walking to close to episode wasn't shocking to me, but awkward as it was said in LAST WEEK'S EPISODE that she 'should probably' be walking by their wedding day. Way to rush and ruin what would've been a predictable, but cool moment to close the SEASON on. Anyway, much like The Flash, Arrow is on Hiatus until March 23.

Legends of Tomorrow - Star City 2046 Plot: A malfunction sends the Waverider into Star City in 2046, where the heroes are faced with a surprising version of the future; Sara receives devastating news.

Rating 5 out of 5 -Wow... what a great episode... and I say that a lot about Legends of Tomorrow, but week out of week this show. Star City has gone to hell in a hand basket thanks to the rise of Deathstroke Jr, Oliver Queen has become a bitter old man with a missing arm... where did I see that before... there's a new Arrow running around and it's the son of John Diggle... a love triangle is accidentally started with Jax, Ray and Kendra with Stein caught in the middle... this was just awesome, every character had something to do, and everything was engaging. This was a great stand-alone episode that continued the story

So I think that covers everything this week, if you have opinions on any of the topics this week, leave them in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe to my channel. Catch ya next time!.

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