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Back The Ghostheads Documentary Kickstarter

That's right, I'm backing The Ghostheads Kickstarter... and I'm going to explain why, and hopefully you'll join in and back it too!

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The Blog Version Hey everybody, Fred Casden here... anyone that has watched what I produce on my YouTube and Daily Motion channels, should notice that in the background is Mr. Stay-Puft... which is an indicator that I am a Ghosthead... a fan of the Ghostbusters franchise.

My personnel fandom goes back to the 80s, now I wasn't old enough to see the original film in theaters... but it was a movie that my dad had on VHS... and I grew up watching the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, I had a lot of of the action figures as a kid... granted the only one I still have is Peter Venkman from the Super Fright Featured line... saw Ghostbusters II in theaters in 1989, and when Extreme Ghostbusters came …

This Week With The SuperHeroes: Feb 26, 2016

This week's topics include iZombie, Marjorie Liu's problem with the casting of Iron Fist, this weeks television shows which includes The X-Files, Supergirl, Agent Carter, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow...

BLOG / SCRIPT Version It's the week of February 26, 2016, it was an interesting week in terms of the show on TV, but we'll get that later... and some folks DM'ed on Twitter (@FredCasden) wondering why I do this on Friday's, the answer is this, i watch every show a day after it airs because for whatever reason Comcast's broadcast TV signal sucks, their on-demand and TvGo services are flawless... which does raises questions about the amount I pay for them.

Anyway over the course of this past week I watched iZombie Season 1 on Netflix... and I loved it. Now (shocker) I have not read the comics the show is based on, but the show is done in such a way that it doesn't matter, it's very easy to get into, and I wished I did much sooner, cause n…