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WWE Fastlane Review

So I only had two predictions right, but I suspect one match result changed in regard to an injury. And also keep in mind, I don't view things as most other wrestling fans as far as my review of tonight's event goes.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah since I recorded this without a script I forgot what I was going to say in regard to the finish of the six-man tag, that being with the Wyatts losing, the main event was changed in terms of eliminating Brock from the equation. Not that actually helped matters. And yes I'm very interested to see how the hell the WWE is going to see Reigns vs Triple H when the match people would've been interested in was Ambrose vs Triple H.

Nash #1 - Comics From The Basement

This week's Comic Book is Nash #1, from Image Comics in 1999



Pro wrestling in the late-90s certainly led to a number of things, that in the long run for the industry itself none of which has been positive, however, since the WWE (then WWF) and WCW were so popular, a number of in-ring stars ended up getting their very own comic books. Now wrestlers in comics is not new, the WWF had a short run with Valiant comics in the early 90s, and WCW even had a full series with Marvel... but those comics did have something to do with wrestling. This week's comic, Nash #1 from Image Comics... does not.

PLOT: Set in an apocalyptic future (as if there is any other kind), a man name Cyrus Storm and his organization the Citadel control the world's food supply, the upper class live in domed cities and get food, and are rather content, the lower class live in the wastelands, scavenging for whatever they can find to survive... but their hope... a 7 foot tall vigilante…