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This Week With The SuperHeroes Feb 19

This week I give my thoughts on the 'Fair Use' controversy, the 'villain' from the upcoming Ghostbusters in name only film, the Daredevil season 2 trailer, and give my thoughts on this weeks episodes of X-Files, Flash, Arrow and others...

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Fair Use As many know Doug Walker over at Channel Awesome has been crying about 'Fair Use' in recent weeks, and while he choosing to do on YouTube, I've been trying to find out the policy on the subject from folks at WWE, CBS, FOX, ABC & Disney... it certainly is interesting in trying to find the right person to speak too. I did get some leads, and hopefully I will be able to get some actual answers to my questions

. If fact I had contact with Ms Gloria Stabolito at ABC studios, who stated that ABC has a strict policy that they do not allow YouTube use, and that YouTube is aware of said policy. So if you use content from ABC, best to get rid of it ASAP! On the flip side, the BBC has pol…