Friday, February 19, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes Feb 19

This week I give my thoughts on the 'Fair Use' controversy, the 'villain' from the upcoming Ghostbusters in name only film, the Daredevil season 2 trailer, and give my thoughts on this weeks episodes of X-Files, Flash, Arrow and others...

The Vlog Version

The Blog Version

Fair Use As many know Doug Walker over at Channel Awesome has been crying about 'Fair Use' in recent weeks, and while he choosing to do on YouTube, I've been trying to find out the policy on the subject from folks at WWE, CBS, FOX, ABC & Disney... it certainly is interesting in trying to find the right person to speak too. I did get some leads, and hopefully I will be able to get some actual answers to my questions

. If fact I had contact with Ms Gloria Stabolito at ABC studios, who stated that ABC has a strict policy that they do not allow YouTube use, and that YouTube is aware of said policy. So if you use content from ABC, best to get rid of it ASAP! On the flip side, the BBC has policy on its website which is more in line with 'Fair Use', just don't be excessive about it in your videos.

The NEWS So the 'villain' has been revealed for the Ghostbusters in Name Only film... and basically it's a sign that everyone involved with in wants to kill off the past since they are 'fighting' the ghost from the iconic Ghostbusters logo.

The trailer for Daredevil Season 2 was released, and it certainly looks good, for being shot in the dark... believe me Daredevil is awesome... just needs a budget for LIGHTING.

Been reported than Crusher Creel is being brought back to Agents of SHIELD, I can support this

And DC is doing another re-launch / re-boot... that is what...5 in 15 years now? Geeze... hopefully the dumber elements of the New 52 are not kept

Thoughts On This Weeks Episodes

X-Files - Babylon - 4 out of 5, got the season back on track, wouldn't mind seeing the younger FBI agents be the 'new' Mulder & Scully

The Flash - Escape from Earth-2 - 4 out of 5, much better than last week, the Jay Garrick we've seen is really Zoom, Killer Frost is gorgeous nuff said

Agent Carter - Monsters - 3 out of 5, basically one person gets rescued another is captured, running in circles

Arrow - Code of Silence - 3 out of 5, The focus shifting towards Oliver's son being held hostage, Lance's storyline was a bit tired and also too quick, Felicity will be walking by the end of the season

Legends of Tomorrow - Fail-Safe - 5 out of 5, basically a rescue operation episode, great bonding moment with Mick and Ray, loved the evil Soviet Firestorm, epic cliff hanger.  

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