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Opinion: The Last Blue Collar Team In Baseball

With players reporting for Spring Training... I find myself thinking of the last team that in the Major Leagues that one could call blue collar...

Player have reported to the spring training locations for the 30 teams that make up the Major Leagues, as a sign that the 2016 Baseball season is nearly upon us. And I can't help but look back at the last team of characters that baseball had... the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies.

Think of every cliche 'team sports' film you can think of, from the Bad News Bears to Major League and beyond... the 93 Phillies were the real life embodiment of that. A group of guys who on the whole, did not resemble what we've come to accept as 'athletes' in baseball. That's because they weren't athletes... they were ball players. These were guys, just on appearance alone looked like they belong playing softball, hanging in a bar, or in jail (ironically enough Lenny Dykstra ended up doing prison time), basically they did look like gu…