Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: The Kobali Front Part 4

Today we blitz the final 'act' of the Kobali front, and if you want to see or rather hear me get frustrated and why I normally edited game plays... this is the video for you. While I fully understand and appreciate the idea behind 'war zones' (which is basically the approach for every world on Star Wars The Old Republic), the frustration of seeing swarms of enemies with absurdly quick re-spawning is something that gets really old really damn quick.

Anyway, it's basically the final push on the ground, to take out the Vaadwar's anti-Kobali supplies, so it's a lot of 'pew pew' while looking for certain objectives... said objectives are of course swarming with enemies and to say I need to re-spawn a few times is an understatement. The only positives of this is that the mission doesn't reset your objectives for being defeated.

That said, the conclusion of the Kobali Front story arc sets up key elements for missions we'll be covering down the road that ties into not one but two episodes of Star Trek Voyager, one being 'Ashes to Ashes' and the other being 'Deadlock'. But that's down the road. Next time out, we'll be back in space... with a brand new Starship!

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