Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nostalgia Trip - Full House

Hello and welcome to the Basement... and it's time for a Nostalgia Trip... as I try to explain 'Full House'

Whatever happened to predictability, the newsman, the paperboy, evening TV?

Well... on February 26 on Netflix, the much anticipated Fuller House will be premiering... and of course this means people are feeling nostalgic for Full House, which ran on ABC from 1987 to 1995, and probably are looking up clips, and episodes... and there is a good chance... they are coming across the profanity filled rant from The N.C...

Now for those unaware, the basic premise to Full House was this, a widower played by Bob Saget, has to raise three children, and gets the help from his brother-in-law, played by John Stamos, and best friend, played by Dave Coulier. It was your standard, by the number sitcom in the same vein as the Brady Bunch and Step by Step. Every plot was designed to be resolve with in an episode (with a handful of two-parters taking place), and normally with some 'life lesson' being taught. There wasn't anything offensive about the show, and the style of comedy fit the formula. It was squeaky clean fun perfect for the 8 PM / 8:30 PM time-slots the show was often in.

For one reason or another, the show build a following, and was often in the top 20 of the Nielsen Ratings (when those actually meant something). The show entered syndicated in 1991, becoming a staple on many stations across the country, including cable, where it's gone from TBS, to ABC Family to Nike at Nite (where it currently can be found). So lets put that into some perspective... Full House has been on the air either on a major network, on a syndicated station, or on cable... for about 30 years.

Again, the question why? And it's thanks to the fact it is a traditional family sitcom, with an approach that isn't offensive and isn't too over the top. Is it bland, yeah, but I will be lying to you if I said I did not still enjoy the show. It's was, and continues to be a light and easy watch.

And I will tell you this that I am indeed looking forward to watching Fuller House next week... will it be like the original? Most likely not, but going by the trailers I've seen, it certainly looks like it's going to be fun. And like I did with Jessica Jones back in November, I will give my thoughts on that series. Till then... have yourselves a good time.

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