Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Opinion: The Ending To Grease...

I'm probably going to catch a lot of heat for this... but does anyone realize what the moral for 'Grease' is? Danny Zucko goes above and beyond to change for Sandy... basically becomes a jock... and Sandy, well... she 'lowers' herself... and, becomes a 'bad girl'... and Danny basically disgards what he becomes. So we have a movie where the guy changes for the girl, bettering himself... but the girl changes for the guy... and despite everything he accomplished the guy ditches it all, goes back to be what he was.... because Sandy became... well I do try to keep this blog / vlog PG...

Additional Thoughts: For the record... Olivia Newton John is the hotter 'Sandy'... just sayin'

Lets Play Star Trek Online - The Kobali Front Part 2

So after a series of hour long vids, we're back with a shorter one, as we continues battles on the Kobali Front lines. The big news is that the Vaadwaur have developed a serum that will prevent the Kobali from turning corpses into members of their race. And 'obviously' because we're helping the Kobali and the Vaadwaur are on the warpath, despite having a proper solution... we have to find out about this serum to stop the bad guys, who have every right to want to use it on their own people that are in the Temple (as seen last week.)

Other than that, it's a lot of simple running and gunning with a pair of short missions. The battles on the ground will continue next time however!

Additional Thoughts: As you probably can tell... I'm not too keen on helping the Kobali.... and it's really the 'lesser' of two evils, help them or let the Vaadwaur run around uncheck.

11/15/2019 Realm Royale

For the first time in over six months I did a stream of Realm Royale and with did a lot of duos, teaming with the awesome PandaSweet. We had...