Monday, February 8, 2016

Opinion: Daniel Bryan

As stated in my Video Log below, I'm in the minority of being glad that Daniel Bryan has been forced to retire, with back to back major neck injuries, there is no reason in the multi-verse that he should be wrestling. He had a 15-year run that frankly, if he didn't get signed by the WWE in 2010, was going to end that year, since due to the insane lack of logic, his body was already breaking down at that point. I know I'm in the minority on this, and as a fan I'm happy to know he's retiring before he injures himself further.

Additional Thoughts: Yeah that's right I opened the V'log with the Final Countdown and closed with Ride of the Valkyries, figured to be the best way to book end it. The idea for the morphing sequence at the end came at the last minute. That said, obviously things I did not include in the video was my 'favorite' Daniel Bryan match, mainly because I don't have one, as all of his matches tended to be the same. Lots of kicking, arm locks, running drop kicks, etc, etc, etc.

Basement News: Feb. 8, 2016

As alluded to earlier, I'm rebooting my weekly comic book series. This video is just to explain that further.

Additional Thoughts: There is something to be said about trying to make things more uniform, and wanting to avoid the pitfalls and stereotypes that comic with being a YouTuber, Word Presser, Daily Motionista, etc, etc.

This Week's Comic Book: Superman The Wedding Album #1

So this week in the basement, I'm taking a long extended look at DC's epic wedding, that of Superman and Lois Lane.... and boy does the phrase HEAVILY PADDED come to mind...

NOTE: I'm rebooting my comic book series next week, the reason being I want to be able to do this on a weekly basis the way I do all my other shows, as well as to avoid falling into some pitfalls, as well as hopefully bring back interaction with Tribbie.

Broncos Win Super Bowl! Final Score 24-10

Yes, I watched Super Bowl this year, the video of course is my thoughts on the game, basically Manning gets the monkey off his back about only having one Super Bowl win previously, the defense of the Broncos, how Newton seemed to wilt in the spotlight... and where I see things going for next season.

Additional Thoughts: The half time show was alight, I'm not a Coldplay fan, and the other two performers were certainly learned their choreography. It was entertaining... the commericals... nothing really stood out to me as being shockingly awesome. The ones I enjoyed were the ones like with Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Walken, and of course the epic in scale Poke'mon 20th anniversary trailer.

11/17/2019 Overwatch Highlights

Had a fun stream of Overwatch, with the amazing Pandasweet tagging in for some team-up goodness, the goal to get the new Mercy skin was acco...