Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: Losing Mareg, Millenia on Valmar's Moon

So we pick up from last week, being on Valmar's moon with Ryudo, Tio and Mareg rushing to rescue Elena / Millenia from Zera... rushing being the key word as I was going straight through, and not really exploring to try and find all the pick ups I could come across. The fact that some enemies were resistant to fire certainly made this tougher, not to mention having a three-person crew.

Obviously the big story here are the deaths of Millenia (using the last bit of her power to rescue Elena, Ryudo, Tio and Mareg) follwed by Mareg, who gives a Conan To Crom like prayer to Granas in desperation to save Elena, Ryudo and Tio. These happening in such close proximity to each other are real punches to the gut. And on top of that, there is lord Zera becoming the 'Will of Valmar', which begins the final leg of the game and the return of Roan (meaning we're back up to a crew of four for the final push).

Now this part of Grandia II... is pretty damn draining, mainly thanks to the battle with the Egg Guardian, which as you see in the replay, I took the approach of using as much group attack magic as possible, followed by the gauntlet of battles that lead to the Granasaber, since I (stupidly) used my MP re-stock supplies before realizing a save point was nearby, which meant Elena was the only one who could really deal out magic.

Of course, I manage to make it through all that without losing a character in a battle... anyway, enjoy the replay!

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