Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tales From The TARDIS: The Expedition

On this week's episode of Tales From The TARDIS, we... well I... go over part five of the Dalek serial, The Expedition...

Additional Thoughts: Even after I finished recording this weeks episode, I have to wonder about the water that Elyon was retrieving, The entire area was said to be radioactive, so I don't think that water would be safe to drink. Unless the Thals had a way to make sure it was safe (and judging by the anti-radiation meds, they probably do, but I'm not so sure).

Also with the 'mutations' around the lake and what happens to Elyon, we get why Ian is apart of this group while the Doctor is going to be apart of the one to Distract the Daleks. This will of course play in the next two episodes in this saga.

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