Friday, February 5, 2016

This Week With The SuperHeroes Feb 5 2016

On this week's episode, I go over the following: Zack Snyder's comments regarding fans angry with what he did with Superman The Flash-Supergirl Cross-Over is MARCH 28th! Mark your calendars. Elizabeth Banks being cast to play Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers Film Plus Thoughts on this week's episodes of X-Files, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow!

I Stand With CBS Against Axanar

Yeah... it may surprise many that I'm against 'Star Trek Axanar', the fan film, oh wait, the guy behind it Alec Peters doesn't want to call it a fan film... and well it's the irony of that and a statement he made several years ago that has me against the project and siding with CBS & Paramount Pictures in this matter.

Additional Thoughts: So in the hours since I originally posted this, some other details regarding Axanar was brought to my attention, in particular a tweet by director Robert Meyer Burnett:

The answer is yes, a big difference, one is you're putting your own money at risk, while the other you're risking cash of other people... and the folks at Axanar say that those folks giving money to the project are just 'donors' and not 'investors', to which I say BULL, if you devote anything of yours to something, could be time, could be money, you're an investor.

Which raises a question, What does a 'Fan Film' need with $2 Million dollars? And as the excellently written column by Michael Himan at (which you can read by clicking HERE) pointed out, Star Trek: Horizon, another fan film is running on a budget of $22,000 and has been completed, and looks freaking fantastic! Then there are the outstanding efforts of those behind Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek: Continues, which to my knowledge are self-funding at a loss to the producers, but they come across as being more professional than many main-stream productions.

But the answers I've seen to that question by those involve with Axanar are clearly done out of 'ego' and 'spite'.

Anyway, I could go on and on this subject... but I got other things to work on. Like watch last nights DC's Legends of Tomorrow and get notes together for 'This Week With The Superheroes'  

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