Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online - The Kobali Front Part 1

Welcome to the Basement, and to Lets Play Star Trek Online... we got another long mission today, as we are the boots on the ground, fighting to defend the Kobali against the Vaaudwar, and oh look, Ensign Kim is here... wait he's a Captain?! How is that possible? Anyway, all is not as it seems... for one the Kobali were described as yet another race in Star Trek looking for a home, the planet they are on, happens to be where many Vaaudwar civilians are being stored in stasis... and the Kobali have a rather... unique way for reproducing that involves the dead of other species.

Now in this hour long video... we cover basically Act 1... which are the following missions, The Calvary, The Son and Temple of My People, plus get caught up in some side missions too that see Sobar getting knocked out, thankfully Satra and Pes'pen are along for the ride to revive me, and not force a re-spawn some place else. Because of how this part of the game flows, it's very easy to get caught up in doing one mission after another cause it just feeds in like that, much like the early tutorial missions did many many months ago when I started this Lets Play series.

Additional Thoughts: So yeah, there's a lot of combat going on, which probably slowed things down to a large degree, but with how this is a war zone, that couldn't have been helped. Thankfully there was enough spoken dialog to where I didn't have to cover every single NPC I came across... but...I couldn't really stop myself from riffing in response to things said within the game.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online The Kobali Front Part 1

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