Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Severed Ties That Are Homeward Bound

Welcome to the Basement!

We continue the 'Friends in Unlikely Places' series of missions with the second half, and we jump right into it with Homeward Bound, Basically this single mission brings ties the episodes 'I, Borg' and 'Descent' from the Next Generation in with Voyager's 'Unimatrix Zero' and 'Unity', and we see what became of Hugh. The mission is a bit tedious, having to damage Borg ships down to less than 30% and use a special beam to 'liberate' them.

The second mission, 'Homeward Bound' sees what happened to some of the Ocampan, they have left their 'space' and are exploring for a new home. It's pretty straight forward, retrieve some raw materials... but also you got to fight off the Kazon.

VIDEO LINK: Severed Ties That Are Homeward Bound

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