Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Battlefield Wanted

Hello everyone!

We are continuing the journey in the Delta Quadrant, however I'm splitting this 'mission' into two parts, because it's actually four missions in one and I'm not in the mood for a lot of editing... besides, I think my reactions to a few things are a bit funny, but of course I'm biased.

The Over Arching title of this is 'Friends In Unlikely Places', and the goal of if it is to get the lay of the land, as it's been 30 years since Captain Janeway pissed off virtually every race she came across.

Ironically, this mission is also a 're-visit' to something from Star Trek Online's early days, called system patrol missions, basically smaller missions grouped together under a unifying title, and its something I rather loved to do as it was a great way to level up a character quick. In fact I think the old Fed System patrols are still do-able... might investigate that down the road when we return to the Beta Quadrant.

On to the two parts of the mission I played in this video, the first is 'Battlefield' basically finding destroyed Borg vessels and searching for clues as to what happened. The second is 'Wanted', where we help the Bethanians deal with the Kazon... and that mission in a way is a 'crash course tutorial' on how to fight the Kazons... though 5 waves of enemies to me was a bit unnecessary.

Anyway, tomorrow or Thursday, I'll do the other half of the mission.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online Battfield Wanted

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