Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Week's Comic Book Review #65 - Star Trek TNG: All Good Things

This week, I look at the comic book adaptation for the Star Trek Next Generation series finale, 'All Good Things'...


This comic... much like the episode... is SLOW AND PLODDING! As it takes forever for the plot to get going and when it does, things have to be rushed for the conclusion. The art work for the most part is very easy on the eyes, as DC Comics had 10 years of doing the original series comics plus about 7 or so for the Next Generation at this point, though their are a few minor flubs here and there, but nothing major). As an adaptation... it's pretty damn faithful to the episode itself... which makes me wonder, was a Television Script easier to convert to a comic book than Movie Scripts? Cause virtually everything was left in from the episode, including bits as stated, get cut out for syndication. The biggest problems here is that Paramount wanted The Next Generation series to end in 1994... and have Star Trek Generation in theaters the same year... which means both the series finale and the movie were being produced at about the same time... which didn't help matters, but that's a subject possibly for SF Debris

Video Link: #65 - Star Trek TNG: All Good Things Recorded: December 27, 2015 Running Time: 41 Minuets

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