Monday, January 25, 2016

Live! Lets Play Grandia II 1/24/2016

My latest gameplay session for Grandia II was more about the story than the actual adventure, but of course I should probably say I had a devil of a time getting set up last night as I couldn't find my own live broadcast on my phone... without having to install the YouTube gaming app... go figure!

Anway, the adventure continued with where we left off, Ryudo is possesed with the horns of Valmar, and our heroes are on the hunt for the Granasaber, which so happens to be in the area where Mareg lives! And I had trouble doing the voice I had for him this time around, so I apologize for that. We hit his home, Ryudo and Elena get tricked into smelling like sap, Millena wants Ryudo all to herself, but he's in love with both her and Elena...

Action wise... it's really just getting from point A to point B.

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