Friday, January 22, 2016



This Weeks Topics: Moffet leaving Doctor Who, thoughts on the new episodes this week (Supergirl Flash Agent Carter Arrow Legends of Tomorrow), Controversy on the Flash Movie Backstory


Notes Stephen Moffet quits as show runner for Doctor Who THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEKS SHOWS Supergirl - Winn will turn into a villian, the new Toyman, since he can't have Kara Flash - Awesome to see the Turtle Man, who was Barry Allen's first foe in Showcase #4, get in on the new series Agent Carter - Two episodes back to back (Granted aired like a movie) is just too long with all the commerical breaks, nothing from these episodes stood out to me. Arrow - Mediorce start up to the second half the season , Speedy having issues of consciece, Felicity being paralyzed from the waist down is too 'Barbara Gordan-esq'... and Damian Dark storyline really seems to be running in circles DC Legends of Tomorrow - Arthur Darvill who played Rory on Doctor Who is the time traveling Rip Hunter... genius casting, though with him, John Barrowman and Alex Kingston in the DC TV Uninverse, wonder what other Doctor Who Alumni is coming along. Pilot episode itself was top notch, get a reminder of who these folks were on Arrow and Flash, what they can do, establish character dynamics, looks like its going to be a lot of fun OTHER NEWS THE FLASH MOVIE DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns broke down the backstory for the upcoming movie version of The Flash. Johns said this: Barry Allen… his mother is killed. His father is blamed for it, [and] put in prison. He becomes obsessed with forensic science. He wants to prove that his father was innocent. One night, working on his mother’s case, a bolt of lightning hits him and he gains super speed. THAT'S THE PLOT FOR FIRST EPISODE OF THE TV Series! So in short, it's going to confuse fans who have been watching the show and wondering that the hell is going on when the movie its with a different actor in the role. Now, this season on Flash, the character Wally West (who in the comics would succeed Barry Allan after he's killed) was recently introduced, so the only way this won't confused fans of the show is for Barry to be killed off, Wally steps in the role of the Flash, and the movie Universe gets Barry Alan as the scarlet speedster.

Let's Play Star Trek Online Reunion With The Bar Rodent

So we are in the Delta Quadrant... and just like with Star Trek Voyager... it isn't long until we run into Neelix. Who knew his character would live that long... and raises questions about how did he see his relationship with Kes going when she had a lifespan that was about a decade long.

That said, the title for this is of course a reference to an episode of Voyager entitled 'The Q and the Grey"where Q (played by John De Lancie) was seeking advice on how to whoo Captain Janeway... and while on the Holodeck, said to Neelix... 'YOU... BAR RODENT'... and 20 years later, it's a line that I think of when it comes to Neelix.

Oh the mission? Well starts off with a bit of light combat with the Khazon, and basically helping the Talaxians getting ready for their move to their new home world. Unlike some recent missions, there is no missing audio clues. The real down side in the mission is the battle with Malon... and one of the frustrating aspects of the Delta Quadrant portion of the game... the enemy ships being a special source of frustration.

You will be thanking me for editing down the space combat whenever possible from this point forward.

VIDEO LINK: Let's Play Star Trek Online Reunion With The Bar Rodent

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