Thursday, January 21, 2016

Commentary: Defending These Are The Voyages

First off, I am a big fan of Linkara and the work he does with 'Atop The Fourth Wall'... but this video is inspired by a comment he made during his awesome list of his 15 Favorite Star Trek episode where he refereed to the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise entitled 'These Are The Voyages...' as a kick to the crotch.

Now I freely admit, that I am a rambling idiot, but I do think the circumstances revolving around 'These Are The Voyages...'has to be taken into account, from the episode itself not being an actual series finale and wasn't intended to be as such (a cross-over and a flash-forward) to the mindset of UPN at the time with the direction they wanted their network to go in. At least that was my attempted goal with this video...

And yeah... I really need to get a shave...

VIDEO LINK: Defending These Are The Voyages

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