Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Play Star Trek Online Don't Lose Your Mindscape

"The gateway to the Delta Quadrant has been opened, but we still have some loose ends to tie up with Dr. Cooper..."

So the saga of Dr. Cooper comes to an end, and numerous questions are raised as to what pushed him to have an all out war against the Federation, Klingons and Romulans? The theory proposed by Mela that he saw something while living among the humans certainly leaves the door wide open considering a number of missions that take place along the Federation story line (or at least did before certain missions were removed.)

Anyway, there is a lot to like about this mission, getting aboard Voyager for the 'first time' (at least when the mission first launched last year), interacting with Tuvok, Seven... blowing away Ensign Kim and The Doctor (not THAT Doctor, he'd regenerate!) are all highlights. Things do get a bit... tedious fighting the Undine in space, then again, I haven't really outfitted Sobar's ship with the best equipment that makes it a lot more frustrating than it needs to me (not to mention Voyager not exactly HELPING as much as one thinks it would).

I do make a joke in the vid about hearing three voices when Cooper speaks towards the end of the mission, and I'm not kidding. I've always had a bit of a knack to picking out audio tracks when listening to recorded voices, and there were three different ones, Cooper's 'human' voice in both the left and right channels, a deeper demonic voice in the left channel, and Cooper's 'undine' voice in the right channel. Blended together it's certainly a unique sound.

VIDEO LINK: Don't Lose Your Mindscape  

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