Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lets Play Grandia II: Goodbye Roan, Hello Tio and showdown with a brother

Wow... an epic four plus-hour gaming session, three big boss battles, lots of smaller battles... story resolution, character development... quite a bit was done this time around.

We lose little Roan, who of course turned out to be royalty, and I can't recall ever maxing out his abilities... particularly since I dump a lot of Skill Points into the books which probably prevented that. But his departure certainly carried weight in that the message of not being bound to the past was pretty much what went down with Ryudo and Melfice following the battle with him (amazingly I did not have anyone knocked out in SECOND fight with him).

Anyway, with Roan gone, he is replaced by Tio, an Automat or android. Basically she is a character that will be learning from being around Elena, Ryudo and Mareg, and I can tell you she has some epic 'feels' moments late in the game (that I recall). Of course I'm getting way ahead of myself. Her speed is really great, as it allows for her to stay on the offensive. (Granted if a quick glance at various online guides is any indication, I'm misusing every character...)

Now the horns of Valmar are in Ryudo, obviously that puts up a point of conflict with Millenia. It may seem resolved now, but it certainly will be a big plot point later in the game.

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out over at my YouTube channel and on Twitter (@FredCasden) to be alerted for the next live stream!

Lets Play Star Trek Online: Dynamic Surface Tension

Due to how little actual game play there was in 'A Step Between The Stars' after editing it down to a 37 minute running time, I've left this mission 'uncut'... hell you get to hear my ring tone, which is the theme for the one and only Lass Kicker Becky Lynch.

Several months ago, I began the Adventures of Sobar, which saw him rise through the ranks of the Romulan Republic to being pretty much to the most competent officer with pointed ears. Every mission I played before now was in the year 2409, now we are in 2410.... and also Star Trek Online's anniversary is coming up next month! So the timing couldn't have been any better.

This mission is pretty much all action, no puzzles, just an all out battle against the Undine. This is a lot like the Deep Space Nine episode, 'Way of The Warrior' where it's a battle to fight off an overwhelming enemy. The space battles could seem but thankfully there are other ships involved to make them zip by quickly.

VIDEO LINK: Lets Play Star Trek Online: Dynamic Surface Tension

11/20/2019 Grandia Highlights

Well finally we hit the half way point of Grandia tonight, well the end of Disc One if this was the PS-One era, saying good bye to Sue and G...