Friday, January 15, 2016

Let's Play Grandia II: One Journey Ends... And Another Begins!

And we have another replay of my latest 'live broadcast' of Grandia II, we finally get Elena to St Heim Papal State where she meets Pope Zera. So Ryudo's job is finished right? WRONG! Turns out that the day of darkness is coming and thus the gang has been tasked to go find the divine sword.
Basically this entire session is getting Elena to meet Zera, and a lot of exposition to set up the next portion of the game. You also get a feeling that there is more to Millenia than what meets the eye with how she appeared on the proverbial 'dinner plate' of Lord Granas.
I also have a feeling that skipped over some pick ups on the Papal Road after leaving the Papal State, but everyone has the best armor and weapons, so we should be good for the next portion of the game.
Anyway... enjoy the replay everybody!

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