Monday, December 5, 2016

WWE TLC 2016 (The Raw View)

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Tonight the WWE held it's TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view event... and this is my RAW View of the events that occurred as I go over all seven matches that took place. 

  •  Apollo Crews, The Hype Bros & American Alpha  defeated Curt Hawkins, The Vaudevillains  & The Ascension
  •  It is amazing that American Alpha is treading water considering how good they are
  • Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater & Rhyno to win the SmackDown Tag Titles
  • Slater & Rhyno had no chance at all at winning
  • I liked the finish of Harper taking a gore for Orton, which lead to Orton hitting an RKO on Rhyno for the win
  • Nikki Bella defeated Carmella in a NO DQ Match
  • Match felt like it just 'stopped' with the sudden finish following Nikki spraying Carmella with a fire extinguisher
  • I liked Carmella isolating Nikki's leg, constantly attacking it, such has striking it with a kendo strick when Nikki was upside down in the tree of woe
  • Post match Carmella says that Natalya attacked Nikki at the Survivor Series, Natalya denies it later in the night
  • The Miz retained the Intercontinental Championship, defeating Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match
  • Maryse looked gorgeous at ringside
  • Loved the spot with Miz putting Ziggler in a figure-four with Ziggler's leg entwined with the ladder
  • Miz appears to have suffered a knee injury from either Ziggler driving a ladder into his leg or landing badly after dropping from the hook above the ring
  • Match of the night
  • Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto in a Chairs Match
  • Kalisto needs to stick to tights, trunks are not a good look on him
  • Loved the spot where Corbin caught Kalisto and dropped him with a deep six on the arena floor and later throwing a chair into his face when he came off the top rope
  • Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch in a Tables Match to win the SmackDown Women's title
  • Thought the match would've ended with Becky using a Bex-plex to put Alexa through the table
  • Really liked the ring awareness Alexa showed in flipping a table over to avoid getting put through a table
  • Alexa power bombing Becky through a table at ringside was a bit sudden
  • AJ Styles retained the WWE World Championship, defeating Dean Ambrose in a TLC Match
  • James Ellsworth interfered, turning on Dean for no apparent reason other than to do a rehash of the Colin Delaney storyline from the WWE's ECW brand
  • Despite all the 'big spots', I lost interest in the match following AJ doing an idiotic flip when Dean was doing a front suplex to drop him on chairs.

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