Monday, December 5, 2016

Treks & Voyages: Gravity

Hello Dwellers & Welcome to the Basement... This is 'Treks & Voyages', basically an excuse for me to talk about random episodes of Star Trek when I have some freed up segments here on my pokey little YouTube channel. Much like the Ghostbusters Containment Unit, you can suggest which episodes I take a look at. First up from Star Trek: Voyager, the episode 'Gravity' 

  • This was episode 13 of Voyager's 5th season
  • There is some obvious similarities with Noss in this episodes and Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond
  • The extra insight into Tuvok's past with why he doesn't out right return Noss's affections is well handled, nothing felt rush and everything had a pay off
  • Because of the time dynamic of the planet they are on, Noss's growing affection is shown every well and played perfectly
  • This is one of Voyager's better episodes
  • I really dislike  the 'Janeway is always right' rule that Voyager plays under, particularly in a crisis situation, you mean to tell me Torres, Kim or Seven couldn't come up with a way to save the ship from the sink hole

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